Sunday, May 8, 2011

Breaking It Down...Mother's Day

12:15am  I am wrapping up my fifth phone conversation with my own Mom of the day.

3:00am  Middle of the night feeding with Hudson.

4:00am  Early morning wake up with both Ryder and Hudson (clearly they missed the memo that Mommy should get to sleep in on Mother's Day)! 

6:30am  I began to clean up a broken light bulb compliments of Garrett (thankful for no injuries).

6:50am  Eric is home from work and tells me to go lay down till 8am.

8:12am  Before Eric heads to bed himself, 4 of my "boys" (Hudson is back asleep) present me with doughnuts, handmade treasures from school, a HYSTERICAL card that produced a hearty laugh from me, red roses, and a super cute tumbler adorned with colorful pictures and words from the special little dudes in my life.

9:25am  The older three boys and myself make our way into the front yard while sporting our jammies...they ride bikes & scooters while I sip my coffee.

9:50am I hear Hudson on the monitor and drag another little boy outside as well...I am pretty certain an entire bag of Goldfish crackers is consumed during a game of Orange Light/Wheelie (don't ask).

10:25am  I bribe my kiddos with doughnuts to come inside so that I may make Spaghetti for lunch.  As I cook, Parker and I work on Reading activities that will earn him an entrance into the Right to Read Week Carnival the following day.  I draw no less than 12 faces on brown paper bag puppets for Ryder.  Crayons and bits of brown paper find their way into Hudson's mouth.  I continually remind Garrett to lower his voice as Daddy is sleeping. 

11:30am  Via text messages my Sister-in-Law and I arrange for an impromptu Mother's Day BBQ that evening.

11:35am Lunch is served...Ryder EATS!!!  I declare it an awesome day!

11:45am  While we continue to eat, Garrett reminds me that Aunt Dawn and her babies are celebrating Mother's Day in heaven.  Parker comments he wishes he could hug Aunt Dawn's mommy today as he is sure it is a sad for her.  I agree and find myself thinking how BIG their hearts are.  Whew...I am doing something right!

12:15pm  Naps for Ryder and Hudson.  I break my own rule of no laundry on Mother's Day and throw in a load of towels.  The older two boys are now properly clothed and back outside riding bikes.  Their laughter brings a smile to my face.

12:50pm  Time to clean up the disaster from lunch, make a few phone calls, shower, and put together a few dishes for tonight's gathering.  I kick myself for not getting to the greenhouse yesterday (as planned) for Mother's Day gifts.  The afternoon rain got the best of me and my spirits.  I am certain the special Moms in our lives will understand and gladly accept their gifts later this week.

2:15pm  I apply another coat of spray paint to a project I am working on for Ryder's birthday party next week.  Three years ago we hosted a Mother's Day BBQ the day before we welcomed Ryder into the world.  I am reminded of our spread that day and my mouth begins to water for grilled cabbage.  Hmmmmm....

2:30pm  I break my laundry rule (again) and put another load of laundry into the washer upon putting the towels in the dryer.  I spot Hudson hiding in the corner, pooping in his diaper, and laugh.

2:50pm  I glance out my front window and spot a neighboring mom.  While sitting in a lawn chair she reads a book.  Her husband is mowing the lawn and her two daughters work busily in the yard as well.  She looks relaxed.  I briefly wonder if a future Mother's Day will provide a similar scenario for myself (sans daughters and insert four boys).  I catch a glimpse of Hudson as he flies by me.  Crusty nose.  Drool covered shirt.  Minus one sock.  Mess of blond curls atop his head.  Relaxation?  No thanks.  I will take two more of him please!

3:00pm  Confession time...that shower I talked of earlier?  Didn't happen.  I quickly hop in...with my two bitties in tow (at times a necessity in this house for safety purposes).  I lather and rinse.  Hudson splashes.  Ryder pretends to put out a fire with the shower hose.  I am questioned by my almost three year old where my pee pee is.  Three sons down to ask that question at age 2' more to go!

3:17pm  Snack time for all!  The older three boys nosh on string cheese.  Hudson and I share a Fiber One yogurt while sitting on the crumb filled kitchen floor.

****Insert mad dash to get myself and four kids ready, diaper bag packed, and stroller is not pretty, folks!****

4:02pm  My four boys and I make our way to my brother's house via foot, bikes, and an overflowing double stroller.  One of us is sporting flip flops that are closer in appearance to slippers (ahem, mama needs flip flops...mental note).  I notice Ryder's shoes are on the wrong feet.  As we make our way down the street we are a cross between a small parade and traveling circus.  Regardless, the sun is shining, we are healthy, and off to see loved ones.  For that I am forever thankful.  We literally stop traffic (twice) with a new, independent, determined, and on the slower side bike rider.

4:19pm  We (safely) arrive at my brother and sister-in-laws.  We, the adults, talk, laugh, and BBQ.  The kiddos ride their bikes 'round and 'round. 

6:10pm  Following dinner, my mom, her husband, Ryder, and I head to the cemetery.  The rest of my clan stays behind with my family.  I place a purple metal flower at my friend's grave site to honor her this Mother's Day.  With Ryder's help, I place one blue and one green pinwheel at the site for each of her sons.  After a small debate, Ryder (reluctantly) agrees to place a pink pinwheel into the ground on her daughter's behalf.  As I stand up, tears flowing down my cheeks, I am reminded that our friendship has changed.  Our dinners out are a thing of the past.  There are no more shopping trips.  Our phone calls and texts back and forth have abruptly ended.  Our friendship has taken on a new meaning.  There are trips to the cemetery, fundraisers to take part in, endless tears, and the fondest of memories.  I know she and her children are in a glorious place, but selfishly I want them back here on earth.

6:45pm  We make our way back to our family gathering.  Hudson is in my sister-in-law's arms, tears streaming down his face.  He was not happy mama left.  After a quick feeding, snuggle, and dessert he appears happy again.

7:13pm  My crew and I make our way home.  My mom offers to help me out by taking Ryder with her on her visit to Grandma Mary's.  It's a no go...he wants to ride his bike home like his older brothers.

7:24 pm  We are less than a block from home and Ryder declares he wants Mimi.  He refuses to budge and kicks his legs wildly as I pick him up.  I am spent; therefore, I cave.  I place a quick call to Mimi who promises to be there shortly.  We stand on the street corner waiting for back up.  Within minutes, Mimi arrives and Ryder's world has been righted.

7:38pm  The older two boys, Hudson, and myself arrive at home.  I decide to forgo baths for the night and let the older boys know they can shower in the morning prior to school.  I wrestle with my overly tired 14 month old to get cleaned up, diaper changed, and PJ's on.  Soon thereafter, he is fast asleep in his crib.

7:51pm  Mimi drops off Ryder (after he cried for Mommy at Grandma Mary's...noticing a pattern).  While we stand in the kitchen, a chaotic fight amongst my older three boys erupts over a new set of plastic golf clubs. 

8:22pm  After our bedtime routine of stories, songs, kisses, and hugs; I tuck the last of my three boys into bed for the night.

8:27pm  I attempt to regain control of my house...dishes are done, towels are folded, my second load of laundry is switched over to the dryer, the bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room floors are swept.  I carry the trash out and hang a new hand towel in the bathroom.  Book bags and school clothes are at the ready for the following morning.

9:12pm  I make my way to my room to change into my pj's.  As I remove my bra, two Sweetheart candies fall from it.  At first, I am baffled; however, I quickly remember the exploding bag of candy I had opened earlier in the evening for the boys.  I have to laugh...

9:25pm  With my bootie planted on the couch, feet up, and laptop nestled atop my lap I hear nothing.  Silence.  I am beyond blessed for the four beautiful, sleeping boys that are snuggled in their beds.  While I welcome the calm the late night hours bring and I am reminded how I LIVE for the chaos that is sure to follow in the morning.   


Stephanie said...

What a wonderful, entertaining, humorous, sensitive, sweet and loving post! I love how you wrote out your day and one of these days I'll do the same. What a delightful journalled entry!

Love you and (((((hugs)))))

Lelia said...

I love this post, Kelly! You truly amaze and inspire me. Those 5 "boys" are lucky to have you in their lives. xoxoxo

mustangkayla said...

What a fantastic post! A post to treasure for years and years to come. You are a such an incredible momma!

jenney said...

I am exhausted just reading this! How do you do this every day??? I'm in awe!!! You're such a great mom and wife and they are all so lucky to have you! =)


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