Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ryder!

36 Things at 36 Months

1.  Born on May 12, you are 3 years old!
2.  I love you more and more each day.
3.  Your crooked smile is that of your daddy's and your over the top smile is that of your mommy's.
4.  You ask to "Take e baff" (aka "take a bath") easily three times a day.  Your current favorite bath time buddy is Garrett.
5.  Each night before bed, you climb the side of Hudson's crib and bid him goodnight.
6.  Your eating habits drive me BONKERS!!!
7.  You are convinced that today is your 8th birthday.  I don't think so, little dude!!!
8.  While you are one of four brothers, you are the only one with BIG brown eyes.
9.  For some unknown reason the color orange screams RYDER to me!
10. You left today's shopping trip with a yellow watering can in your hands, it is now nestled alongside you in bed while you nap.
11. "I can't know" is your popular answer to most of the questions I have for you.
12. You love to sport underwear, but have zero interest in potty training.
13. You refer to your older brothers as "The boys" just as I do.
14. For the most part you are the first to rise each morning in our home.
15. The scale read 32.5lbs when I placed you upon it today!
16. You were the only one of our sons who was not named prior to delivery. Had you been born blond I would have insisted you been named Hudson.
17. You are fearless, agile, and lightening quick...a triple threat that makes this mama beyond nervous.
18. Gunkey remains your number one pal and can be found clutched in one of your hands throughout the day.
19. You are a brand new three year old; therefore, you will start preschool in the fall.  You fully believe preschool takes place at your Mimi's house.
20. The words "You-a-broke-a-my-house!" fly from your mouth whenever someone spills something on the floor, re-paints a room, pounds a nail into the wall, or heaven forbid moves furniture around. 
21. Pancakes and sausage is hands down your favorite meal.
22. You are stubborn to the core...a trait I am certain you most definitely, did not, under no certain terms, no way, no how picked up from me. 
23. You have taken to riding your tricycle like a pro and are ready for a 12 inch bike.
24. In the last 6 months you have developed a love for Toy Story and in particular the character Buzz Lightyear.
25. Speaking of Toy Story, I am certain the Geotrax Toy Story 3 Exploding Bridge Railway set we are gifting you for your birthday will be a HUGE hit with you! 
26. With two older brothers I feel you are growing up faster than I would like.
27. A mere 3 years old and you already have quite the sense of fashion.
28. You adore character socks.  I honestly cannot say I blame you when I compare them to their counterpart...plain, white socks.
29. As warmer weather begins to settle in, you are more than eager to spend your time outside playing.
30. Your smile, hugs, and "I love yous" warm my heart (and the hearts of those near and dear to us).
31. Your daddy is leaving his hair dreams through you and your long locks;) 
32. This summer is going to be a special one...the first for you riding your own dirt bike.
33. If allowed, you would eat your weight in sweets.
34. With each passing day you are growing more independent..."I do it self," escapes from your mouth often! 
35. You love to draw, doodle, and color...I just wish more of your artwork would make it's way onto paper and less on our walls and floors.  
36. Sweet Ryder, you will forever be "my boy"!  You bring a smile to my face and my love for you is never ending.  I hope your birthday is a magical one...full of joy, laughter, and love!  Happy 3rd Birthday!  I love you! 


shelly said...

Happiest of Birthdays to little Ryder! 3--how fast it flies by!!! Enjoy every second of "the boys" (too funny because that's how everyone refers to ours!)

mustangkayla said...

A very happy birthday to Ryder! Great post today!

Stephanie said...

Great post. I'm going to blog-lift this one!


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