Sunday, May 8, 2011

Three Generations....

Today as we celebrate Mother's Day, I am reminded of the two women who have had the biggest influence on my journey through Motherhood...

May 2003
Three Generations

I thank these two incredible women for being a strong force in my life.  They are a continuous source of guidance, love, and words of wisdom.  They are loving, kind, and extremely giving of their time.  True, we may not always agree and each of us will always attempt to get in the last word; however, we are Grandmother, Mother, and Daughter.  We are nurturing, caring, sacrificing, loving, helpful, dedicated, and dependable.  We are mothers.

Today, I wish all Moms a very joyous Mother's Day!!!

Now go, put your feet up, eat some chocolate, and refuse to do laundry all day!! 

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~jan said...

What lovely women you all are! You are lucky to have them in your lift! Happy Mother's Day, Kelly!


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