Sunday, March 6, 2011

Planning for an Ikea Trip

Next Saturday, my Mom, SIL, and I are headed out for a full day of shopping and lunch (sans hubbies and kiddos).  I am downright giddy and have been looking forward to this trip since...LAST YEAR!  Yes, last year!  Over three years ago (I believe), an Ikea was (finally) built about an hour and a half from where we live.  I have been dying to go.  My SIL has made the trip a couple of times and insisted we must go.  Last February we had every darn intention of going.  Unfortunately, my pregnancy with Hudson took a turn for the worst and our day out was cancelled.  Big fat bummer! 

For over a month, I have been saving for this trip and planning my shopping list.  I am ashamed to admit the countless hours I have spent on Ikea's website.  It's disgusting!  I cannot wait to see all of the kitchen gadgets and pretties in person; however, I have created a list of my must haves...   

I have been in need of a bookshelf for my Scrapbook Albums for far too long.  Fellow scrapbookers swear by the Expedit line from Ikea.  I have been told the cubes fit 12x12 albums.  Perfect!  The plan is to get this bookcase pictured above. 

I have been pining for a new Dining Room Table, Chairs, and Buffet since we re-painted the Dining Room.  I am trying to pay tribute to the 1920's features of the home, but bring in a modern feel as well.  I have been adding more black accessories to the Dining Room and love the end result.  I was hesitant to purchase furniture from Ikea, but then some friends let me know their chairs and tables from Ikea are holding up rather well (even with kids!).  I found these chairs and I think they will work well in our home.  I will be honest...I am only intending to buy two chairs this trip.  I want to get a feel for the black furniture in our Dining Room and see how it withstands the Lindsay boys!  I have my eyes set on the coordinating dining room table and a buffet as well.  In the meantime we will be leaving in a state of mis-match.  We have had our bed in the Living Room.  I can certainly handle a hodge podge of chairs for a brief time!
Parker and Garrett's room could use some shelves.  They spend hours building Legos and have nowhere to display their creations.  I think these will work out great hanging on the walls next to their beds.  I plan on getting them in dark wood color. 

In addition, the nightstands we currently have in the big boys' room are not working (in my eyes...Eric would tell you a different story).  A certain two year old may or may not have colored all over them (with non-washable crayons) as well.  I believe I am sold on these nightstands for Parker and Garrett.  

 I am also on the lookout for white frames for the bitties' (that would be Ryder and Hudson) room and curtains for their room as well.  I have been told to pick up some children's tableware and take home some Cinnamon rolls.  For all you regular Ikea shoppers (lucky things, you!!!), any must haves?!!!  Last week, I learned there is a Home Goods down from Ikea.  Oh, it is going to be a great day of shopping!  Have fun with the boys, Eric!


mustangkayla said...

How exciting! I can't wait to hear about your trip and what you got! We are 3 hours away from an Ikea and I have never actually been in one! I heard they are fabulous though! Have fun! :-)

Stephanie said...

We have an IKEA only 30 minutes away from us. We love shopping there. I don't know of any *must haves* but it's certainly a fun day out!

~jan said...

I hope you have a lot of fun, Kelly! There is so much to see (amd if you like Sweedish Meatball-so much to eat!) Love your choices-Im looking for black chairs for my dining room as well-let me know how you like these!


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