Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Echo Park...Little Boy Layouts

I am beginning to think Echo Park created the Little Boy line for me...a mom to four boys!  Okay, perhaps not entirely for little 'ole me; however, it is perfect for my scrapbooking needs!  I love the primary colors and simplicity of the patterned paper.  The alphas are too cute and the embellishments rock!

This series of photos showcasing Ryder in action behind the camera CRACK ME UP.  The black alphas are Doodlebug, the buttons are "unknown", and additional supplies used are Echo Park.  

Last summer, Eric made the older boys a few handmade ramps for their dirt bikes (that they began using in the driveway for their regular bikes).  Parker has mad skills on a bike.  Honestly!  Again, I used Echo Park AND did some hand stitching.  A first for me!!!  It is time consuming, but I love the extra detail it gives. 

I am working on a few back to school layouts (2010) this week...stay tuned!


mustangkayla said...

What great layouts! Those photos are so cute in the first layout! Love the handstitching!

patti west said...

But mama doesn't hold her camera backward! ;) ;) Such cute photos!! My boys used to have those homemade ramps in the driveway too. Soon he will be skateboarding! Great los, Kelly! :)

patti west said...

p.s. Your hand stitching looks beautifully spaced & perfect!

~jan said...

Your stitching looks terrific! :) EP Little Boy is a joy to work with, isnt it? Wonderful layouts!


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