Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Waving My White Flag


...there is a law about the Lindsay Boys.

It may be unspoken.

It may go unwritten.

BUT, if it was written...

it would go a 'lil something like this.


We, the cosmic forces of the universe,
do hear by decree that the Lindsay Boys may
ONLY be plagued with sickness
when their daddy is scheduled to work nights.

~The Not So Nice Powers That Be~

Eric is working nights this week.  As if on cue, two of the boys are sick.  Someone is ALWAYS sick when Eric is working nights.  Parker is missing day two of school this week.  A fever, body aches, chills, and cold have overtaken his body.  Around 11pm last night, as I prepared myself for bed, Ryder made his way down the stairs.  With pillow and beloved Gunkey in hand, he began sobbing.  Within seconds, pillow and Gunkey were covered in vomit.  Merely minutes later, the dining room floor was hit with a splat.  Soon, the bathroom floor fell victim to Ryder's stomach contents as well.  As for Mama, I am not feeling too hot either.


**Image borrowed from the land of Google**

This is me, white flag in hand...with a can of Lysol in the other.  I surrender.  Please, I beg of you.  Do not take any additional hostages. 


Stacy said...

Dear Lindsey house: GET BETTER!! Hang in there Mama!! ((HUGS))!!

Misty said...

AAW! I am so sorry! I hope you all get to feeling well soon.

Mel said...

UGHH! The stomach bug is evil and always has the WORST timing! Hope everyone is feeling better soon:)


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