Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreaming of Legos and Sock Monkeys In My Sleep

For the next two weeks, I will have birthdays on the brain.

And birthday parties.

We now have two kiddos with birthdays 9 days apart.

It is entertaining to say the least.

And stressful.

Here is a sneak peak at what Mama has up her sleeve...


This Saturday we will celebrate Parker's birthday with his all time favorite school buddies.

Oh, and a brother.  Or two.  But not three.  Chunka will be under Great-Grandma's care .

Okay, he will be napping.

Parker opted to forgo a BIG, combined, family, and friend B-day bash this year.

Rather, we will be taking our little lovebug (his b-day falls on Valentine's Day if you are new around here)
and his BF's bowling. 


On Sunday, our family will join us for more celebrating.

And ice cream sundaes.  'Cuz we will be sick of cake after Saturday.

Come Monday the 14th we will celebrate some more.  Just the 6 of us. 

After all, that is how we roll.

Next weekend...oh, next weekend...

We will celebrate the birthday of an-almost-but-not-quite one year old.

HUGE sigh.

One year old.

Our baby.

I am so not ready for that one!!!


Misty said...

You are so creative! Happy Birthday to your little man.

Melonie said...

Happy Birthday to your boys!!

mustangkayla said...

Your such a good mommy giving your boys over the top birthdays! Love how creative you are!


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