Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy *HEART* Day!!!

The older two boys were busy celebrating Valentine's Day at school this week.  I will admit, I greatly enjoy taking on artsy-crafty projects alongside the boys.  Okay, keeping it real...often, I am the leader and they follow along.   Regardless, we work well together and it is fun to dig into my craft supplies.    

Garrett and his classmates have been passing out their Valentine's throughout the week and yesterday was his "true" party.  The kiddos enjoyed cupcakes brought in by their parents and games rewarded with small prizes.  In the past, the children at KKNS have been asked to decorate a bag to place their Valentine's inside.  This year they were asked to decorate a box (yea!!!).

Garrett, Eric, and I worked together to make Garrett a Robot Valentine box.  I was pretty happy as I had all the supplies on hand with the exception of the felt hearts (which I scored dirt cheap during a sale at Jo-Ann Fabrics). 

Garrett and his Robot...SUPER cool (and yet, super cute!).  Garrett's favorite part was putting on the sticky rhinestones (aka bolts!). 

This was the first year that we did not do store bought Valentines for the boys to pass out.  Darn those ladies over at eighteen25!!!  They have posted some absolute yumminess for Valentines Day inspiration this year.  We jumped on (last year's bandwagon) and made these A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E Tootsie Pop Valentines for Garrett's friends.  About 48 of them...

Okay, so we substituted a Blow Pop in place of a Tootsie Pop.  No biggie.  Garrett was amazed that Mommy took one picture, yet we had 48 (give or take) of these spread out all over our Dining Room table. 

Ahhhh...Parker's Valentines.  If you checked out the above link to the Tootsie Pop Valentines, you may have noticed the Robot Valentines.  Parker wanted those.  I cannot say I blame him.  They, too were pretty darn A-Mazing!  I (Parker has been sick, remember) had darn near completed the 17 of them *we* needed, when I had one HOT mess with M&M's and Tacky Glue.  Change of plans...

I went back to the sisters over at eighteen25 and came across these...

They were super simple to make and Parker wrote his name (and classmates' names) on the back.  Personally, I think the photo works splendidly with the Happy *Heart* Day template!

Inside held a sweet treat...

Two Robots are better than one, right?  Especially when Mommy has all of the materials already out.  Thankfully, we were able to carve out a few minutes here and there while Parker was to sick to complete his box.  Eric would like for it to be known that he attached the head.  Thanks, Daddy!

Parker's Valentine's Day Party at school was a success.  Mrs. A's class enjoyed cupcakes, cookies, goodie bags galore, a Valentine Craft (lead by yours truly, duh...), and a quick game of 7-Up (OMGosh, I had forgotten all about that game...too fun!).

Have a fantastic weekend!!!!


Misty said...

My mouth dropped open at your creativity! AWESOME! Love the blow pop one with his little hand holding it. I am impressed!

mustangkayla said...

Wow....look at those! How fun!


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