Saturday, February 12, 2011

Party Day

It's Party Day...

There are not one, but two handmade birthday banners hanging in my Dining Room.

Goodie bags are stuffed.

A balloon bouquet was ordered, picked up, and graces our buffet.

In addition, vanilla cupcakes topped with festive sprinkles were ordered and picked up. 

A Coleman Sleeping Bag, DS game, Lego City Camper, and Lego City Police Truck have been wrapped.

The Bowling Alley has been reserved and paid in full.

All invited party guests have RSVP'ed yes.

Coordinating napkins, paper plates, and table cloths are at the ready.

Upon putting the children to bed last night, Eric busily cleaned the house and hung a new Dining Room chandelier from the ceiling.

Today, is party day.

A time to celebrate Parker's 7th Birthday with his brothers, best buds, and (still cool) parents.

We were ready, people!!

But, then...

...well, then...

Parker's fever came back overnight.

Garrett developed  a fever as well.

Ryder and Hudson have a constant stream of mucus coming from their noses.

And fevers.

And hacking coughs.

And dear old Mom?

I am fairly certain I now have Strep throat and an ear infection.

Did I not wave my white flag proudly enough?

Early this morning, we were forced to cancel and reschedule Parker's birthday party.

He was heartbroken to say the least.

Truth be told, I was upset as well.

We softened the blow by allowing him to open an early gift.

We may or may not have ate a few cupcakes before 9am.

I will never tell.

The ironic part?

Due to busy schedules, Parker is now having his buddies over twice for his 7th birthday.

Yep.  It's true.

His buddies will join us next Friday night at our home for games, pizza, and sundaes.
(Let's not forget we are throwing Hudson's first birthday bash the following day).

Come March 11th, we will FINALLY take Parker and his buddies bowling.

One month later.

Due to the scheduling of leagues and tournaments at the bowling alley and our own crazy schedule, it was the best we could do.

These parents paid for bowling and we are taking those boys bowling, darn it!!!

Stay tuned for party pics...take two (ahem, and three).


patti west said...

oh, no! so sorry you're all sick!! poor parker! :( glad you have the bowling party rescheduled. hope you all feel better soon! {{hugs}}

Misty said...

No way! I'm so sorry to hear you all got sick. The party sounds like it will be a blast though.


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