Monday, January 10, 2011

Dear Etsy, How I *Heart* Thee

My LOVE for Etsy continues to grow.  Sometimes, I find an item that I must have and other times it is a great source of inspiration (and I find myself saying, "I can do that!").

For Christmas I had decided I wanted to get each of our boys something personalized and purposeful.  Enter Etsy...

Dizigns offers ADORABLE custom piggy banks.  Diana did a wonderful job making me two coordinating piggy banks for both Ryder and Hudson.  The blue and brown polka dots on the piggy banks look awesome against the boys' bedding!   

With all of the various sport activities (and bike riding) Parker and Garrett take part in, I thought water bottles would be the prefect way to go for them.  My Personalized T-Shirt was super easy to work with their work was lightening fast!  They offer endless items...check 'em out!

I, personally, have developed a love affair with milk glass in the recent month.  As a young girl, I remember gently touching all of the various milk glass pieces my grandmothers and mother possessed.  Even then, I found the pieces so beautiful.  Unfortunately, I never voiced my thoughts to those I loved.  Over the years, my grandmothers and mother sold all of their pieces at garage sales for next to nothing.  Boo!  With a quick search of milk glass on Etsy, I was presented with a great listing of treasures.  Above is the first piece I purchased.  I am hoping to scour garage sales this spring and summer for additional pieces.

My friend, Lelia, shared a link on Facebook to a family tree print recently.  I need to stop clicking on Lelia's links as more often than not they lead to a purchase;)  I ordered my own print last week and cannot wait to receive it.  I am intending on displaying it in the Dining Room and look forward to a piece with all of our names on it!       

Dare I ask if you have found anything worthy of sharing on Etsy?


mustangkayla said...

Great finds! That piggy bank is too cute! Too bad I didn't know about the milk glass, we just sold a TON of it at my grandparents estate sale. My Grandma had OODLES and OODLES of it!

Check out these paintings for kids rooms by Melonie (she also does special orders),

I would LOVE to have these gloves:

I REALLY want one of these for the kids and am thinking about making my own:

Aren't you glad you asked? haha!

~jan said...

What wonderful finds! :)


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