Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Artwork

I have added some new artwork into our home.  My favorite kind.  Photos of the boys!

This is my first canvas and it is 11x14 in size...

I am totally impressed with the canvas I ordered of Hudson.  As in, I LOVE it to the 10th power
and look forward to more canvas pieces in our home.  Currently, the canvas is resting atop a shelf
in the Dining Room.  The newly re-painted Dining Room.  The color is La Fonda Cactus by
Valspar and Eric chose it.  Are you familiar with the character La Fonda from Napoleon Dynamite 
(Skip's girlfriend)?  Yea, I am pretty sure he picked the color based on the name.  It quickly grew on me, 
despite it's poo-like color at times (such as the look you are seeing above).  I have come to loathe the textured, paintable wallpaper we put up approximately 5 years ago.  Whose idea was that anyways?  
 My dad, I believe.  It was a cheap solution (or so I was told) to disguise the varying
degrees of nastiness we found upon tearing down the old wallpaper.  Five years ago, it seemed like a
wonderful I long for that room to be dry walled.  I do not see that happening anytime
soon.  My current plan is to hang all kinds of fabulousness all over the walls; therefore, hiding the
paintable wallpaper.  Genius, I know.  Regardless, the color is MUCH better than the mint green I chose 5 years ago.  Blech!!!

I created my very first storyboard (for our home) as well...

Parker and Garrett's room has quickly become one of my favorite rooms in the house...and the green color
they chose (what is up with us and green anyways?).  Their room is so bright and cheerful...perfect for them.
I have been looking for something to place on this blue shelf...this 10x20 storyboard is all kinds of perfect!
As I look at this photo, I realize a few things.  One, the clock is not set to the correct time.  Two, the shelf
itself is not crooked; however, the photo I snapped is.  Three, we need to fill those nail holes.  Moving on...the boys are super handsome in their photos and I *heart* my first storyboard!


shelly said...

Love the new canvas and the story board! I really need to get more pics of our kids up!!! I love the green rooms :) it is such a happy color..sorry about the wallpaper dislike, throw some more pics up and I bet it'll be better.

mustangkayla said...

Lovin' the new artwork! I might just have to try one of those canvases! They look really cool!

Party of Five said...

Love both the canvas and the storyboard!

Stephanie said...

Love them both! Beautiful!

Misty said...

Love that canvas! I need to order one of Brooke.

jenney said...

Aren't canvases awesome! I'm totally hooked on them now! Awesome job on the storyboard!!


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