Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Around The House 2010

Christmas is now less than a week away!  Can you believe it?  How are you feeling about this joyful holiday quickly approaching?  Frazzled?  Zen?  Personally, I have a lot left to do...wrapping, baking, and decorating.  Sure thing, we are 6 days out and I am still decorating.  However, I am trying my best to stop and enjoy the little moments with the kiddos as well.  There are TV Christmas specials to watch while cuddled up on the couch.  Yummy treats are to be whipped up with small hands that just smeared snot all over.  Thankfully, the boys enjoy getting crafty as well.  You can expect a kiddie craft post (or two) in the coming days.  The boys have GREATLY enjoyed unwrapping a Christmas book each night to read aloud before bed.  Don't get me wrong, we have had our fair share of Christmas chaos.  I am trying to take it all in stride, though (that is when you don't catch me pre-morning coffee and after only 3hrs of sleep).

Take a peek at the decor we have amongst our crazy home this Christmas season...

Paper Loop Wreath (Version 5.0) greets you at the back door.  Indeed, it was replaced by Paper Loop Wreath Version 1.0 (which now hangs in all it's beauty elsewhere). 

I adore snowman and all their cuteness!  This little family sits on the back porch.  They were a gift from my mom a few years ago.  

Paper Loop Wreath Version 3.0 hangs on the kitchen door leading to the basement.  It fits perfectly with the Ruby Red Lipstick color of the kitchen; however, the kitchen is due for a make-over following Christmas.
It is hard to say what will hang in it's place next year!

In the corner of my kitchen counter sits a burlap wrapped tree (another one of my must haves), a festive tin that holds the Christmas cards we receive, and a newly purchased Nutcracker.  

A rustic snowman, candle, and framed photo make up the little vignette I have atop my bathroom counter.  The snowman was a gift from my Mother-in-Law a few years ago and it was love at first sight.

An additional newly acquired Nutcracker rests on the back of the toilet.  Jo-Ann Fabrics had numerous Nutcracker characters in stock this year.  In the past, I have not cared much for these decorative pieces.  However, this year they called out to me.  More than once.  They were on sale (thankfully!). 

Another burlap wrapped tree and a few candles (purchased at Rite-Aid of all places!) found their way to the bottom of our built in hutch.  Our Dining Room and Living Room features the massive original woodwork from the home's beginning in the 1920's.  The woodwork had been painted white in the 80's (I believe); however, my husband restored the wood in the dining room.  What a task!  His efforts paid off, though.  It's gorgeous!  I wish we could get around to restoring the wood in the Living Room prior to placing the house for sale (please do not ask when that will be...haha!); however, with four young boys I do not see that happening. 

A sneak peak at our Dining Room buffet.  In the past, the buffet has been one of the very first things I decorate.  It has always been a place for my Christmas Village to reside; however, this year I opted to not put it up.  This year, the buffet is taking on a different look with (cheap) glass vases and (cheap) red and gold bulbs.  I am still working on a few handmade touches to add in as well.  A stunning Poinsettia had been the focus of the buffet, but I killed it (too much water, I think).  My bad.  I will share my end result when the buffet is finished.  Who knows, that could be after Christmas!

I printed off this subway Christmas art from here.  If you do not follow her blog, add Jessica to your list!  She has some great, cheap, and easy decor ideas!

The boys' stockings hang from the stairway.  Each of the four stockings were a gift from Eric's grandmother, Sammy.  They are from Lands End and I love that they coordinate.  I am intending to purchase additional stockings from there for both Eric and I.  Our stockings are the first things to get opened on Christmas morning.  As a child, my absolute favorite thing to do first thing Christmas morning was open the small treasures found within my stocking.  I truly enjoy passing down the same tradition to my boys.   

What's that?  Where are our trees, you ask?  Good question!  Parker and Garrett's room contains a tree, as does Ryder and Hudson's room.  Both trees are nothing elaborate; however, we keep adding ornaments to them as the years pass.  I was prepared to show my Dining Room tree; however, I stripped it bare Friday night.  And redecorated it.  In the past, it has held my gold, white, and green ornaments.  This year, as I glanced around my Dining Room with all the red decor, I felt the need to add red to the existing color scheme.  It is coming along, but not quite done.  In recent years, it has become a tradition of ours to add a live tree to the Living Room.  At the last minute.  We have scored some great deals this way and enjoy decorating the tree on Christmas Eve.  The boys do not feel slighted as we have the additional trees elsewhere in the house.  Stay tuned... 


patti west said...

love your decorating style, Kelly!! once again...beautiful photos! thanks for the link for the subway image. :)

patti west said...

p.s. I forgot to say "your paper loop wreath is lovely!1" :)

KariAnnS said...

Happiest holiday wishes my friend!


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