Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Musings...

  • We have our first snow day of the year ( school for the older boys).  It is pretty darn windy so time will tell if they get out and play or not.  *Edited...the boys have now been outside for almost 2 hours!  I am shocked*
  • Our bed is no longer in the living room.  Perhaps you did not hear me...OUR BED IS NO LONGER IN THE LIVING ROOM!!!  My living room feels 10x bigger.  A live Christmas tree will replace the bed in the coming days.  
  • I am gradually adding new decor to our freshly painted dining room.  Who knew that replacing wooden frames with black ones could be so life changing?!  
  • Garrett is going to be 5 at the end of the month.  5 years old.  My Baby G.  In addition to preparing for Christmas, I am planning a Super Mario Bros theme birthday party for him.  His b-day invite ROCKS if I say so myself (ahem, I created it).
  • We took the older three boys to the Lights Before Christmas at the Toledo Zoo over the weekend.  The mild temperatures lead to it being PACKED!!!  Holy smokes, if you did not stay with the flow of traffic you were bound to get trampled.  The lights were beautiful and the boys were well behaved.  Eric and I, on the other hand, failed to take them to the train display.  The train display I thought about all day long.  They would have loved it!  Sigh.  My is a slippin' some days.  
  • We are knocking To-Do's off our Christmas list...Christmas cards have been mailed, cookies have been baked, and the dining room tree is adorned with lights and all things that glitter and shine  
     Happy Monday!  Stay warm out there!

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    shelly said...

    Love Snow Days! We didn't get nearly as much snow as they had forecasted...but we sure got slammed by the wind and freezing temps!!! (we have an extra boy in the house because his mom was taking his sister's art group to the Chicago Art Museum today....I think a house full of 4 boys playing storm troopers is the better deal! Brrrr)


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