Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baking With Ryder 101

Multi-tasking is okay...Mommy does it all the time.
In fact, it is encouraged!

Go ahead and sit atop your work space.
Invite a friend to join you!

Making a mess is all part of the process.
No, really!

 Sometimes, you really have to get into your work.
Use two hands!

Add in your favorite yummy treat.
Perhaps more then the recipe calls for!

Grab a bowl and enjoy the extra ingredients.

Finally, shock your mommy and do not eat a single cookie when they are finished baking.

Huh?  Whose kid are you anyway, Ryder?!  Surely, not mine!


shelly said...

What a cutie pie helper! (Our boys always do that with baked goods--it's so fun to help with the doing, who cares about the eating...well, except for the huge batch of cinnamon rolls that I made and they ate the tops off while I wasn't looking!!!)

Jenn Jenn said...

Its amazing how small he is and how good he is at being a helper.

Stephanie said...

Oh. My. So precious he is.

mustangkayla said...

Oh my is he ever adorable! How cute and fun!


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