Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trick-or-Treat 2010

Northwest Ohio was chilly the night of TOT'ing!  Our saving grace was no wind!  I am pretty happy that between our Halloween Party, our night at Maumee Bay, school parties, and Halloween itself our boys got major use out of their costumes!  Ryder's lion costume was a hand me down from Garrett...woohoo for a bit of savings!

Garrett as Mario...can you tell he feels awkward with the big white gloves on?!  He had a blast TOT'ing and gave a hearty "hello" to EVERY other Mario he saw.  It was pretty funny!

I am lion....hear me ROOOOAAAR!  Goodness sakes...these two little ones of ours are too cute!  Hudson sported his costume long enough for a few photos.  While we took the the three older boys out he got loved on by Mammy, Grandma, and Papa.  

Parker as Luigi...notice his jack o' lantern missing the same two teeth he is?! 

All of our jack o' lanterns lit up.  My in-laws passed out candy from our house.  According to them we received a lot of nice compliments on them.  We were busy carving the day of Halloween.  Dare I say, a lot of things this fall happened to take place at the last minute. 

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