Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Tidbits...

  • Not to be outdone by Parker, Garrett has his first loose tooth!
  • Hudson now follows me from room to room.  It is too cute!
  • Ryder is potty training (again).  His little bum is the cutest in a pair of undies.
  • Parker has decided to wrestle this winter.  Honestly, neither Eric nor myself are a big fan of wrestling; however, we are choosing to support him in his decision.  At this young age, I find it will only improve his agility and coordination.  As a bonus, it will keep him busy.
  • Speaking of Parker...his Parent-Teacher conference went fantastic!  He is doing extremely well with his classwork, is a leader in the classroom, is well liked by his classmates, and is overall a model student.  His teacher does find him chewing on his pencils quite often which we need to nip in the butt for safety reasons.  
  • I am fighting a STRONG urge to pull out Christmas decorations.
  • Along the same lines, I am oh so ready for Thanksgiving dinner!
  • Eric is currently on his scheduled 7 days off; however, now has to work this weekend.  I am not going to lie.  I am bitter.  The end.
  • The plan is to get photos of the boys for our Christmas card tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it goes well!

Happy Saturday!

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mustangkayla said...

Little bums are so cute! I still get the giggles with my son in his! Good luck with potty training! I've discovered alphabet cheerios help ds aim way better and go before accidents. ;-) I wanted to pull out Christmas decor the other day too! I am listening to Christmas music already! :-0


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