Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Superbowl Saturday 2010

On Saturday, the Lake Erie Flag Football League played 11 games in under 8 hours.  Awesome, right?!  Superbowl Saturday was downright cold. Our morning began at 9am with Parker's pre-game practice and my nephew's first game of the day.  Parker's first game followed at 10am.  Both Parker's team and Ashton's team won their first round of games.  Go 49'ers!  Go Vikings!  Enter round two of games...

Going into halftime of the second game, Parker's team was down 14-0.  They made quite the comeback in the second half, scoring 27 points!  Sadly, we lost 28-27 to the Titans.  One darn stinkin' point!  Ironically, we beat the Titans by one lone point earlier in the season. 

Parker, his teammates, and coaches following their second game...
you had a great season boys (and Tiff!!!).

The Titans went on to play the Vikings (my nephew's team) for the 1st-3rd grade division Superbowl title.  The boys played their hearts out with it being a great (and close) game.  In the end, the Vikings won! 

Ashton and his mama, Leslie!  The Vikings had an undefeated season!  WooHoo!

Parker and Ashton were both sad to see the season come to an end.  Frankly, so am I.  Though we started off rocky, I quickly grew to love both practices and games.  Parker is more than eager to play again this Spring.  It would be awesome for Parker and Ashton to be on the same team!  Fingers crossed...

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