Monday, October 11, 2010

Sucker...Fall Edition 2010

You may recall the photographer that suckered me into some not so flattering photos of Garrett back in May 2010.  As promised, he was back again photographing the preschool kiddos a few weeks ago.  I kindly wrote him a check for $28 last week.  Darn him...he got me again!  No, it was not his posing.  However, I am grateful to choose from multiple poses versus the standard one pose option with your Lifetouch package.  The lighting and clarity to his photos have improved.  I was honest and told him so (hey, he asked!).   

What got me this time?!!!

This sweet little face (oh, and the fact he had a haircut this time around)...

I like to think of Garrett as being ruggedly handsome.  Don't you agree?

As a bonus (well...and for an additional charge) I got the class composite added to my external flash as well.  After all, that is what I am truly after.  You know, until I get suckered into more photos!

See you again in the Spring, Mr. Photographer!


Sara said...

At least you got to see them, first! I'm quite upset that Zeke's school does the "prepay" option. I ordered an 8x10 & a year book. $30. Gggrrr.

mustangkayla said...

You crack me up! I couldn't resist those either! You have quite the handsome boys on your hands!


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