Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Accents

The last few weeks I have been pulling out our fall decor (and admittedly buying some new pieces as well).  I have oooodles of Halloween decor down in the basement, but am forgoing it this year.  The fall pieces can stay out through Thanksgiving saving me some time from decorating twice this season!  I just adore this time of year!!

We do not have a mantle so I tend to go all out on our Dining Room buffet.  The buffet, dining room table, and chairs we inherited from my parents.  They are older pieces, but work wonderfully in our older home.  Eric spent well over a year restoring the original wood trim in the Dining Room.  It was a pain in the a$$, but looks beautiful! 

Recently, I have become obsessed with printing my favorite photos (and artwork I make using Photoshop) on 2mm styrene and adding a linen finish to it.  Everyone who walks into our home comments on these photos and the way they POP out at you.  My only regret is that I did not print them out a size bigger (they are 8x10's).

The Pumpkin sign I paid a whopping $1 for at the Dollar Tree.  You cannot beat that!  It hangs in our enclosed front porch.  The walls are no longer yellow, but that is for another post coming soon.  Ryder picked out the little scarecrow that rests on the chalkboard in our kitchen.  

In our bathroom we have a gathering of pumpkins (all from Jo-Ann Fabrics) and a photo of the older two boys at the pumpkin patch last year.  The Welcome sign hangs on the door in our kitchen that leads to the basement.  I purchased it at Jo-Ann Fabrics as well (I love their sales!).

This photo is simply horrid, but the little guy within the frame is 100% adorable.  Ryder had THE BEST hair last year at this time.  I love looking at him while I wash bottles;)  The little fabric pumpkins are from...you guessed it...Jo Ann Fabrics.


mustangkayla said...

Lovin' all the fall decor! Those photos on your buffet are fantastic! I need to finish up mine! I realized that there are a lot fewer spots to put out decor when you have a very curious 1 1/2 year old!

Stephanie said...

Love the decorating you've done. And I ADORE the prints of the boys!! Beautiful!


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