Sunday, May 23, 2010


My beloved Canon 40d has been with me since February 2009. At the time of purchase, I vaguely recall entering into a verbal contract with Eric stating I would no longer purchase Lifetouch school portraits. Let's face it, they are overpriced and shall we say cheesy? The boys dutifully bring home their portraits in the fall and spring. I find myself wanting at least one photo (after all, it is my child and they are cute...cheese and all). Obviously, the boys will want a class composite to look back on one day. I succumb to the pressure that part of the proceeds is given back to the school and find myself (regretfully) purchasing the smallest package available.

Last week, I planted myself in a small chair in the 4 year old classroom at the preschool we send our boys too. Next to me was a professional photographer (who has owned his DSLR for 2 months) that had taken Spring photos of Garrett. I tried to remain strong as he showed me poorly composed and less than flattering photos of my 4 year old.

Indeed, a few of the photos featured the inside of Garrett's pockets hanging out. True to form, Garrett is in need of a haircut as well...

The protruding (cut off) bootie pose in the below photo leaves me a tad bit baffled...

I listened as the photographer assured me his photos were of high resolution, that I was welcomed to crop and/or edit said photos (hello....what is your job again), and print them as I desired. Suddenly, I found myself writing a check for $30. I was paying $30 for an external flash drive that held a handful of photos, but really only one photo spoke to me.

I forked over $30 for this...

Uh-huh...that is my Baby G. God love him!

The saying goes a sucker is born every minute. Personally, I have been reborn a few times when it comes to photos of my boys.

Rest assured, the above mentioned photographer will be back again in the Fall and Spring (for graduation photos). With the purchase of my new external flash, I have been promised a discount on next year's photos. Score!


~jan said...

That photo is priceless-you got a good deal! ;)

mustangkayla said...

Too funny! Love that photo of him on the bench!

Stacey said...

Ugh! how frustrating. I know how it goes though. Glad you got one you liked at least!!! :)


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