Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bits and Pieces

  • Ryder is fully embracing the age of two. It's lovely. In the instance of both Parker and Garrett, the age of three proved to be much more difficult than that of two. I am slightly terrified.
  • Eric had Lasik eye surgery two weeks ago; however, still finds himself reaching for his glasses.
  • I need to find a bathing suit for our upcoming stay at Kalahari Resorts. Again, I find myself being terrified.
  • Parker and Garrett are quickly approaching their final days of school. Garrett's last day is Friday, May 28th (Carnival Day) and Parker's last day is Wednesday, June 2nd. I think we are all ready for the lazy days of summer (and lack of morning chaos).
  • I recently ordered a Baby Hawk Mei Tai and it cannot get here fast enough (as in I needed it yesterday)! With the three older boys to look after and Hudson's need to be held, I am praying it will be the perfect carrier for Hudson and I.
  • We made our camping reservations for our trip to Mohican State Park later this summer. The question begs to be asked...Is there a safe way to canoe with a 5 month old?
  • WooHoo for Friday Night Lights now airing on NBC. Oh, how I have missed this show. For that brief hour every week, I am taken back to my high school days spent on the sidelines cheering on our local football team. With four boys, please reassure me I have a good chance of at least one of them playing football. Please.......
  • Finally, our little town has been hopping lately. American Idol's Finalist, Crystal Bowersox, return home last week brought with her much fanfare. Not to be outdone, there is a cougar on the loose.


{the card family} said...

Let us know what you think of the Baby Hawk... I'm trying to find something comfortable to wear Sullivan in so I can chase the other two!

Have a great weekend!

shelly said...

:) canoing with a 5 month old...piece of cake compared to a 2 year old I'd assume! (They make wee one life jackets, but they really ticked our youngest off...nothing breaks the peaceful nature moment like a whaling buba!). Depending on how confident you are, you could just keep him strapped to you in your spiffy new carrier!


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