Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Idol

Confession time...I am a reality TV junkie. Survivor, Dancing With the Stars, The Bachelor, So You Think You Can Dance, 19 Kids and Counting, Project Runway, The Celebrity Apprentice, and Hell's Kitchen have me hooked. Even The Kardashians, Kendra, and Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane make their way into our living room each season.

Personally, I can not sing a tune to save my life. No, really...ask anyone who knows me. However, I have been watching American Idol since the show began. While I may not be vocally talented, I do recognize talent.

Meet Crystal Bowersox...

Prior to this season I have never voted for a contestant. Each week I vote for Crystal. Then I vote for her again...and again. Well, you get the idea. I am a tad bit biased when it comes to Crystal; however, she truly is talented. Crystal is a few years younger than me, but we both attended the same high school. During my teenage years I recall a younger Crystal entering all of the local talent shows. Crystal played her guitar and sang her heart out. Yes, she was a fan favorite even at an early age and won on more than one occasion.

It has been amazing to watch Crystal each week on American Idol and hear the judges praise her. She is clearly the fan favorite of those of who reside in Northwest Ohio. I smile when we pass signs in our area stating "Vote for Crystal". I wish her all of the best as she chases her dream!

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mustangkayla said...

She's been one of my faves the whole time also! How cool that you know her!


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