Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Little Escape Artist Asleep On the Job

We transitioned Ryder into his toddler bed about a month before Hudson's arrival. He can climb into and out of anything. Frankly, for his own safety it was time for him to move on up. Eric and I envisioned endless trips putting him back to bed. He surprised us. He stayed in bed.

With Hudson's arrival, Ryder now climbs out of bed. All of the time. He comes downstairs. All night long. Nap time got crazy. I do not have the time to drag him upstairs again and again.

Last week, I placed a gate in front of his door. Yes, he climbs the gate (and it is a tall one at that). In an attempt to outwit my toddler I placed the gate slightly higher than floor level. That afternoon Ryder hung from the gate. He screamed. He threw a massive fit. Garrett, with his vast knowledge, recommended I put Ryder to sleep in a cage like you do for animals. I chuckled at his suggestion as toddlers can be rather animal like at times.

Then I noticed it was quiet. I walked upstairs to discover my little escapee (or animal) asleep on the job.
Do you recall the scene from Wizard of Oz where
the Wicked Witch's feet are sticking out from under the house?
His little feet poking out from under the gate take me
back to that scene.

As I peered over the gate I noticed his
partner in crime ''Gunkey'' with him as well.


**Nancy** said...

Awwww...I love this!!! Too funny! Beautiful photography work!

Natalie said...

oh, this is so funny. What cute pictures! I really did laugh out loud. I'm excited to get to know you and your cute family better=)

Lelia said...

ROTFL!!!! You really do have your hands full with him, don't you?

jenney said...

Melt my heart!! He's just adorable {even if he is a little stinker!} =) I'll be coming to you for advice when we move Jack to a big boy bed. =)

Party of Five said...

That is complete sweetness! I have a vision of your beautifully decorated house that does not include innocent boys passing out after outwitting you;)


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