Sunday, March 28, 2010

Say Cheese

Oh, my dear Parker...

You are so handsome.

Your eyes just shine.

You remind me of your daddy and I adore that.

I love you. There is no denying that.

You have a sincere, genuine, and beautiful smile.

Recently, I find myself wondering what in the world forces you to flash this fake smile whenever a camera is around...

Spring Musical
March 2010

I understand you may be tired of my camera in your face.

I am pleading with you, though.

Please, find it within yourself to bring back your real smile.

Thank you!



Lelia said...

We should pair Parker and Emma together for a face smile photo shoot!

jenney said...

Ha ha! At least he doesn't run away like Dylan does. My pictures of him these days involved the back of his and a big blur. Ugh!


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