Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spooky Tree

Brace yourselves...I used some of my scrap supplies!  How long has it been since I played with stickers, punches, and ribbon?  A month!  Perhaps longer.  I wish I could say I had some fabulous layouts to share, but such is not the case.  I got busy with my supplies to make a "Wowzers" piece for our Halloween Party last weekend.

A few days before the party, I saw this by Aphra.  Too cute, right?  I still had goody bags to stuff, a house to clean, chili to be made, craft projects to prepare for, etc.  I really did not need another task, but the tree was too darn cute to pass up!

Let's be real.  My tree is not as detailed as Aphra's...her ornaments are to die for!  However, time was an issue.  I used Jillibean Journaling Sprouts for the base of my ornaments.  I had some Imaginisence stickers (from last year) on hand as well as some Stickles.  Toss in a few brads here and there and I was set.  The hardest part of this project?  Finding candy corn!  No kidding.  I was at Wal*Mart the night before the party and could find none.  Not even a spot for it!  Thankfully, our Rite Aid in town had plenty. 

I am happy with the way my Spooky Tree turned out and the boys thought it was cool!  Now the colors in my dining room...over them!  What was I thinking?!!!!  That room is getting painted.  Soon!

More on our Halloween Party to come...


Lelia said...

I actually like your version better than Aphra's. Love the banner, too! You are so talented....I want to be like you when I grow up! ;)

mustangkayla said...

So stinkin' cute! I think it turned out fantastic ad LOVE that banner too!

mustangkayla said...

Oh, and how do you keep your boys out of the candy corn? lol...Peyton would have that jar half gone in an hour! haha!


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