Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Fun 2010...Round One!

My Sister-in-Law's family invited us to Maumee Bay State Park where they were camping a few weekends back.  Each year, the campground has one weekend in October where they host Halloween Weekends (or something along that lines)...there are spooky trails, Trick-or-Treating, the Spooky Carnival, and decorations galore!  Talk about some family fun!  

Hudson chillin' in the stroller.  I will say it again...he is the best baby!  So easy going and goes with the flow.

Parker and Garrett as Mario and Luigi.  What a pair!  Mommy even managed to make it into a photo (gasp!).  My Sis-in-Law's brother was kind enough to keep an eye on the older boys while they TOT'ed.  Eric was working, I had (a very slow) Ryder, and my mom was tending to Hudson.  Thankfully, they were well behaved for him!

Crazy, fly-away hair Mommy, Ryder, and a sucker...'lil dude LOVES suckers!  Lord only knows how many he has ate this month already!

Ryder did not...let me repeat...did not want to wear his costume.  That is until he realized he was not getting candy without it.  Kid has a sweet tooth so we managed to wrangle him into his costume.  Poor kiddo, though...his mama dressed him like we live in Alaska.  Initially, he had two layers on under the heavy costume itself.  It was in the upper 60's!  My bad.  I reduced his layers by one; however, as we were TOT'ing he loudly proclaimed "I, tooooooo HOT!!!".  Repeat his phrase again and again and again.  Then the stripping began.  On Ryder's part.  Not mine. Thank goodness!  I stood back and let him go to town removing his clothes.  He was gaining quite the audience needless to say.  As he reached for the tabs on his diaper I scooped him up and carried him back to the campsite. 

My mom and our littlest lion

As TOT'ing came to a close we grilled burgers, hot dogs, and there were plenty of other yummy treats to feast on.  The boys rode pink and purple bikes around as a few girls were willing to share their means of transportation.  A soccer game formed on a nearby patch of grass and there was delightful squeals heard all around!

I am hoping to secure our own campsite for next year.  A weekend of eerie camping is just too much fun!


Sara said...

BOOK IT QUICK! I'm talking, like yesterday. Maumee Bay (as I'm sure you know) books up like crazy. It was an awesome weekend for it!

mustangkayla said...

How fun is that! GREAT pictures! YOU ALL look great! Your crackin' me up with the stripping thing though! Miss Maddy is quite good AND QUICK! Lol....I hope your able to do it again next year!

KariAnnS said...

So cute!! The photos tell the story of a fun, memorable day!

Jenn Jenn said...

Beautiful children, i have flyaway hair to!!!!


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