Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday (Fun?!)...

  • This morning, I spent Hudson's AM nap cleaning off the front of the fridge.  There were an overwhelming amount of stickers on it thanks to Garrett.  I have looked at them for almost two years; however, Garrett still protested when I took off his "pretties".  Ryder spilled the bucket of water I was using all over the floor while trying to help.  It was awesome.  I have declared a no crap to be placed upon the front of the fridge rule.  Nothing.  It is very liberating to have a clutter free front to your fridge.  My life already feels less chaotic.  Seriously.
  • Tomorrow is our Halloween Party.  It's from 4 to 6:30.  Outside.  They are calling for a passing shower around 4pm.  Delightful!
  • Hudson is giving up his evening nap.  I should not complain as he has held onto it for a long time.  It is making for some dreadful hours leading up to his bedtime, though.
  • Speaking of Hudson, he turns 8 months old tomorrow.  I am in denial.
  • Due to his job requirements, Eric is a certified fire fighter.  Today, he has his annual live fire training at an oil refinery.  I loathe said training and tend to worry about him all day long.  He checked in with me at noon and he is okay.  *Sigh of relief*
  • Parker's game for tomorrow was originally scheduled for 1:30.  It has been pushed back to 2:30.  The party starts at 4 (see above).  Can you say cutting it close?!
  • I am pretty certain there is a 14 year old girl trapped in Ryder's 2 year old body.  Oh, the attitude on that child.
  • Garrett *should* have went to school 5 days a week/all day this year.  There I said it on my blog.  It's official.  He does not attend school at all on Friday.  He has a hard time coping while Parker is away at school.  He copes by annoying Ryder.  In turn, that annoys me.  
    Happy Friday, Everyone?!

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    mustangkayla said...

    Oh goodness! What a lot going on! I am so lucky Maddy still often takes two naps, if not, one LONG nap most of the time! She's making up for Peyton who quit napping all together at a really really early age. I hope your party goes well and the sprinkles don't appear!


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