Thursday, October 21, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football?

As of last Saturday, Parker's football team is 5-1.  They have one game remaining before BIG Superbowl Saturday on the 30th.  Parker is pretty stoked as the games that day are played at the Junior High Football Field versus the High School's practice field.

At the beginning of the season I found myself having major doubts about flag football.  They keep score.  There is a winner.  There is a loser.  Players are not given equal playing time.  This is very unlike our experience with both T-Ball and Soccer at the beginning level.  Thankfully, the kiddos do get a snack at the conclusion of each game.  Face it...that is HUGE in youth sports!

When Parker asked to play football I was caught off guard.  He has never watched a lick of football on TV in his life (and still hasn't)...dirt bikes is where it's at with him!  Parker (for lack of a better word) was pretty clueless as to the rules, regulations, and even the basics of the game.  As I watched his practice, I found very little instruction or teaching of fundamentals happening.  As a first year player (clearly the only or one of few on his team) he needed some help. I was frustrated!    Parker spent a fair amount of the beginning games sitting on the sidelines.  Honestly, I found myself saying we would finish the season and that was it.  I was done!  Shame on me!  Parker was not throwing in the towel.  He was happy and having fun!  Thank goodness, I never voiced my thoughts to him. 

With each practice and game, Parker has acquired more skills and knowledge.  He is getting more playing time with each game.  I have realized his coach needed to warm up to Parker and Parker to him.  While learning fundamentals is awesome, I have witnessed Parker come into his own by simply watching his teammates play and playing the game himself.  Who was I to judge the right or wrong way to coach?!  Thank you Parker and Coach J for proving this mama wrong!

Parker headed out the door to play...go get, 'em!

Primarily, Parker has been playing offense...snapping the ball.

The offensive team in their huddle.  You may be able to tell the coach is looking at Parker...from the sidelines I could tell something big was coming and was holding my breath. 

Oh, it was something alright!  They handed the ball off to Parker. For the first time!  The play called for him to run the ball; however, he got excited (or nervous) and threw it.  The coach laughed...I laughed.  I wish Eric had been there to witness it!

Setting up for the fake and playing a decoy...the play worked a few times and got them a TD!  Go 49'ers!

Parker, I am so proud of you and your team! 

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mustangkayla said...

Great pictures! I just love seeing your handsome little men playing sports! I hope Peyton wants to play sports (although football scares me for some reason...I think its the tackling part...)


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