Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2010 Monster Mash

I have been wanting to host a Halloween "Kiddo" Party for years.  This year I bit the bullet...called my Sister-in-Law (co-host in crime)...and said "Let's do it!  Let's have a Halloween Party!".  She was more than willing.  Game on!

In an ideal world we would live on a spacious farm with nearby woods.  Our party would include hayrides and not so spooky trails into the wilderness.  There would be a huge bonfire and tales to tell as we sat on bales of hay.  Alas, we live in town and our backyard would have to suffice.

We set out to invite our closest family and family friends.  Our G(hosts) Parker, Garrett, and Ashton (my nephew) were each allowed to invite a handful of friends as well.  With passing showers looming, approximately 50 party goers (including 25 kiddos!) gathered in our backyard.

Eric conveniently had his fire fighter gear at home from his previous day of live fire training.  He looked smokin' hot!  The mustache from Parker's Mario costume MADE his costume, though.  Hudson sporting the mustache...THE funniest photo of the night!

Besides our own set of Mario and Luigi, we had another at the party!  Love this photo of Parker and his buddy!

Garrett and his buddy, the police man.  I fell in love with his 'lil buddy throughout the night!

My Sis-in-Law, Leslie.  She and her 6ft tall self made the perfect witch!

A small sampling of our yummy treats...spider cookies, spiderweb brownies, and spooky eyes.  We kept the food simple...mummy dogs, sloppy joes, chili, chips/pretzels, and carrots with dip.  We washed it down with swamp water.

A small sampling of our decor and goodie bags...

Ryder ate no less than 6 cupcakes throughout the evening.  

As the kiddos arrived we had scratch art ornaments in the shapes of bats, pumpkins, ghosts, and cats for them to transform into works of art.

The kiddos also received a tattoo as they arrived.  Temporary, of course!

Our weaving of a spider web went better than I expected!  The end result was pretty cool!

Frankenstein Relay Race...

The witch says....shake your bootie!  Now hop on one leg (or do the running man...really, that is what it looks like!). 

Ryder sans costume and now sporting Daddy's helmet...

Mummy Wrapping...too much fun!!!!

When all was said and done the rain was kept to a few sprinkles (joy!!!) and the party was a success.  The kiddos went home with goodie bags of pretzels, candy, Halloween stickers, vampire teeth, Halloween Silly Bandz, and other goodies galore.  We sent one little boy home with the beginning of a black eye and minor cut, but it was self inflicted. 

Our boys thanked us for throwing the best party EVER!  I blushed.  The older two boys are already discussing next year's bash; however, Eric and I are still recovering from this year's festivities!  Stop by next year...I am fairly certain this may be an annual event!


shelly said...

How fun! The mustache really made your hubby's "costume"! The year Riley was born, I made the 2 oldest firemen coats and then a little fleece dalmation sleeper.

Mel said...

Looks like so much fun! Love the pictures:)

Lelia said...

How in the world do you pull stuff like this off with 4 kids? You make me feel like a failure! LOL!

As always, those are AMAZING pictures!

~jan said...

You sure did set the bar high for future parties! :) Looks like a blast-something your kiddos will remember for a long time!


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