Wednesday, September 8, 2010

U6 Soccer=Pure Entertainment

Our little soccer player had his first game of the season last week. Garrett and his fellow teammates (all ages 4-6) were PURE ENTERTAINMENT! This is such a fun age for organized sports. We have been really lucky with great (and age appropriate) coaches for both soccer and T-Ball. My first impression of flag football is less than ideal; however, I am hoping the season as a whole redeems itself.

Garrett appears to have some natural talent where sports are involved. However, he and his teammates definitely added a few fun twists to the game as well!

Our player, #9, warming up by dribbling before the game.

Sizing up the competition...or something like that;0

Garrett ready to play!

Garrett and a few teammates waiting for their time on the field. The league is GREAT about giving the players equal amounts of playing time, teaching them the fundamentals, and giving them the opportunity to play all positions.

Garrett recognized one of his classmates on the opposing team and let EVERYONE know it!

Doing his job as a defender...

To our delight he threw a few handstands into the game as well...good times!

However, in this photo it appears he knows what he is doing, right?!

Go Garrett, Go! Wait! Is he headed the right way down the field?

I am excited for the remainder of his games this season! These kiddos are a joy to watch!


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