Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Last week, I found myself deep in conversation with Garrett as we dished about his morning at preschool. We covered circle time, snack time, free time, and friends...

Garrett: I really like playing with Z and P (his favorites from last year, too).

Me: That's great, buddy!

Garrett: Z kissed P, Mom!

Me: No kidding? At school?

Garrett: Yep! I just hug P, okay?

Me: I think that is a great idea, Garrett!

Garrett: Why did Z kiss P, Mom?

Me: Well, honey...Z's mom and P's mom are really good friends; therefore, they spend a lot of time together. Maybe they just have a special relationship and kissing is normal for them. Okay?

Garrett: Okay! Mom, do you think you could become really good friends with D's mom?

Good grief!


mustangkayla said...

Oh thats funny! What little ones come up with! lol...

Sarah said...

Too funny! Love the new look, that was my other choice of backgrounds before I found the 'yeller one!


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