Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy 5 Months, Hudson...You Have Come A Long Way Baby!

Yesterday, our little Squeaker Beaker turned 5 months old! Hudson's little life started out rocky, beginning with his stay in the NICU and followed by his troubles with ITP (low platelets). Now, in the short 5 months he has been with us, he is a happy and healthy little guy! See for yourself...

Day 5 in the NICU with his feeding tube...

Earlier this week, almost 5 months old, trying out rice cereal for the first time...

Two weeks old, receiving his first tub bath, following his discharge for an IVIG treatment...oh so little in his tub!

Earlier this week, our little Chunka Monka, filling up his tub quite nicely!

At 5 months, Hudson...

*Is teething and drooling non-stop
*Takes 3 naps a day
*Is beginning to enjoy his time spent in the exersaucer
*Eats a few tablespoons of rice cereal each evening
*Wears 3-6 months clothes and size 3 diapers
*Has learned to YELL when he wants something (no, not cry...yell!)
*Swims when he is on his belly...very cute
*Is not sleeping through the night consistently, but we take what we get!
*Has a deep belly laugh for a little guy
*Is surely clueless to what his actual name is as he has way too many nicknames!
*Is about to go camping for the first time
*Is AWESOME (Daddy's contribution)

Happy 5 Months, Sweet Hudson!!!!

**Formal 5 month photos to come**


shelly said...

What a blessing to see such growth in such a short time! He is absolutely adorable!!! It seems like yesterday we brought home our little 5 lb peanut...he looked more like a little wrinkley old man than a baby! 8 years later, he's all knees and elbows and has left me wondering how this happened so fast!!!

Take my advice---slow down and enjoy every moment :)

Sarah Lou said...

Just so beautiful! how darling he is!! I love that first photo of your itty bitty guy!

mustangkayla said...

Aaewww...too sweet!

{the card family} said...

You can add
*Is freaking adorable*
to that list :) Happy '5 month' Birthday little buddy!

Jenn Jenn said...

He is changing so much and showing his idividuality in pictures!!!! Blessing to this little man!!!!


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