Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Faircross 2010

The day I delivered Garrett (literally, while I laid on the operating table for my c-section), Eric suggested purchasing a dirt bike for Parker's upcoming birthday. Wonderful timing on my hubby's behalf, right? In all honesty, what sane mother buys a 2 year old a gas operated dirt bike? Very few. However, a mom about to give birth and under the influence of drugs happily agrees to said purchase. At least, I am guessing that was Eric's M O.

Parker was a rather happy birthday boy when his 2nd birthday rolled around (personally, I found myself wondering how do I top a dirt bike next year?!). For four years (give or take), he has spent endless hours going 'round and 'round our backyard (our in town neighbors have to love us). He and his bike have made their way through our fence on one occasion. A handful of times, he has explored more terrain at Grandpa Scott and Grandma Sheila's house. Recently, he and Garrett spent the day with Eric on a bona fide dirt bike track. Last Friday, though...well, was HUGE. Parker entered his first race at our county fair...The 2010 Ottawa County Faircross. Eric raced his pit bike as well. Together, the two of them were pretty darn giddy. I was a tad bit nervous; however, I found myself telling Parker to tear it up following his practice session. Along with Garrett and myself, Parker (therefore, Eric LOL) had quite the little cheering section. Thankfully, the storms held off long enough for each of them to get in their respective motos.

Heading out to practice

A sweaty little thing following practice

Seriously, how cute does he look?

Making his way around a turn

I LOVE this photo! That little guy on the hill? That's our dirt bike dude! This photo puts the size aspect into perspective. In addition, when you zoom in you can see the faces of the fans. So many are smiling at him, clapping for him, etc. Love it!

Proof Mommy exists...Parker and I following his race. Please excuse the hot mess I am...there was a decent breeze going, but it was H-O-T and humid.

One proud daddy...Eric and his mini me

Way to go, Buddy!

I am a bad wife as I got ZERO pictures of Eric racing. Garrett and I barely made it back to the stadium in time to watch Eric's race as there was fair food to be consumed and animal barns to tour. My camera had landed itself back in the truck following Parker's race and I had no time to retrieve before Eric's race. My apologies (again), honey! It was a good night of racing and both of my boys came away unharmed. As for Parker, he placed first in his class. True, he was the only rider in his class; however, he is none the wiser. Eric placed sixth. Or fourth. Who knows? According to the printed standings, he came in sixth. However, he received a fourth place plaque. Awesome! Garrett is happy to carry his daddy's award around and proudly proclaim "My daddy won!". God love him!


shelly said...

How awesome is that!!! We have a couple of friends whose daughters are super into it---I love watching them win and then hear the reactions when they take off their helmet to show off a ponytail ;)

mustangkayla said...

How fun is that? Your such a cool mommy! :-) LOVE the pictures and he is absolutely ADORABLE!

Jenn Jenn said...

It looks like so much fun!!! I love the bonding that is creayed through sports and a father. Blessing to your family!!!


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