Friday, June 25, 2010


*The boys and I miss Eric. The Nuclear Power Plant he works for is finally refueling from their outage that began in February. He is working 5x12's and a less than desirable shift. *Sigh*

*I ordered tons of Basic Grey's new Oliver line this week! I cannot wait to get my hands on it and the additional scrapbook goodies that made their way into my online shopping cart.

*Eric and I have become our parents...we can no longer keep the boys' names straight. We find ourselves constantly calling each of them by the wrong name. Thankfully, the older two boys are pretty good about laughing it off.

* It's time to jam...Turbo Jam that is! Yesterday, I did both Turbo Jam and pilates for the first time in months. I am definitely feeling it today; however, it is time to reshape this post 4 babies body of mine. Oh, how I forgot how much I enjoy throwing punches and kicking!!!!

*Tomorrow morning is Parker and Garrett's last T-Ball game of the season. Earlier this week, Parker had his first hit of the season off a coach pitch. It was one heck of a hit, too...straight down the middle of the field and you could hear nothing but "CRACK" as the bat and ball connected. He was so proud and I wish Eric could have been there to see it. Garrett has had some nice hits off coach pitch earlier in the season and seems to be a natural. This Fall, each of them will be branching out to two different sports. Parker is now old enough for flag football and Garrett is old enough for soccer. I am already looking forward to the chaos of it all.

*I have been hearing rave reviews of Toy Story 3! We are taking the boys to the drive in (a first for them) to see it this weekend. My brother, sis-in-law, and two nephews are joining us...should be interesting with all of our kiddos!

*Sunday is Eric's birthday. All will be right in the world as he will (again) be older than me;) I *believe* a day at the beach is in the works.

* 4th of July weekend is next weekend! How is that possible?! Eric is working next weekend (poo), but the boys and I are planning on having fun with our families. Here is a photo of the boys and my nephews the night of our village's 4th of July Festivities in 2009! Cute little fire crackers, huh?! I am looking forward to this year's photo complete with a new little spark;)

Have a GREAT weekend!
What are your plans?

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~jan said...

LOVED Toy Story 3!! Of course, the original is one of my all time faves! Hope you enjoying the day with your DH home! No big plans for us this weekend.


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