Monday, June 28, 2010

Go Blue Tigers, Go!

Saturday morning, Parker and Garrett had their final T-Ball game of the 2010 season. They were thrilled to have so many family members in attendance cheering them on! It has been amazing to see the team as a whole progress with each game. Parker (who had been "chopping" when at bat earlier in the season) had two great hits off coach pitch. Garrett (whose mind is usually wandering while playing in the outfield) had an awesome play as well.

We concluded the season with much fanfare. I made baseball cookies for the players and they were a hit. It was pretty cute to hear Parker and Garrett "bragging" about their mama making 'em. Each of the players were presented with a certificate by their coach. In addition, he purchased gift certificates to the local sportswear shop for all of the players. I thought that was a neat idea compared to the standard end of the season trophy. Of course, what T-Ball season would be complete without a trip to the local Mom and Pop Ice Cream Stand to celebrate?!

A few photos from their final game...

My dad pointed out Garrett runs like Charlie Brown. He is right;) God love him...he is so dang
spirited off and on the field. When he touches home base, a "WooHoo" escapes from his mouth
(complete with a fist pump into the air).

Parker, on the other hand, is more like a gazelle when he runs! Seriously, this kid has speed!

Garrett all ready for a grounder...

Parker on first...

Congratulations, Parker and Garrett!
It has been way too much fun watching you this season.
Go Blue Tigers!

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