Saturday, May 1, 2010

Seeing Stripes

Last week, we added a few personal touches to Parker and Garrett's room. They have our old bedroom and it is rather spacious. We are planning on putting this house up for sale within the year; therefore, I am attempting to not clutter the walls too much. I wanted to stay away from characters, but we were sure to add in a few dirt bike accents for our little motocross dudes.

The comforters the boys agreed upon are perfect for them. Bright and bold!
The shade of green on the walls compliments their bedding nicely.
The letters hanging above their bed were purchased at Hobby Lobby and spray
painted true blue (another decision of P and G's).

Garrett's bed and matching cubes...
I am on the lookout for bedside lamps for each of the
boys. I recall seeing some at Target that I believe will work.

I purchased 48 of these vinyl decals from an ebay seller.
I started off by putting a few above the closet...only
43 more left!

I considered making a little artwork of my own with
scrapbook paper; however, a my friend Jenney
reminded I could do something fun with Photoshop.
I kept is simple. Super simple! Using Photoshop
I created the name plaque with striped. I had the image printed
on 1/8'' Masonite by the professional lab I use.
I adhered a dirt bike decal and my artwork was complete.

Parker's coordinating artwork...

I added a few more dirt bike decals above the bookshelf as well.
They appear black in these photos, but are brown.

Again, my favorite photo of P and G hangs above their book shelf.
It brings a smile to my face whenever I glance at it.
I hope to have a similar photo one day of R and H.

The curtains, bedding, and cubes are all part of the
teen line sold at Wal-Mart. I could not justify spending a ton of money on these items
as who knows what the room situation will be in our next house.
We have found the bedding to wash rather nicely and the cubes
to be sturdy.

This shelf had been in P and G's previous room...I spray painted it as well.
Notice the matching jackets? Believe it or not, that was not my doing.
I believe those were a gift from my dad. I am bringing more and more
people over to my dark side of matching;)
I am looking for suggestions as to what to place atop the shelf. Anyone?

These square shelves were in their former room, too.
They, too, are empty...outside of the occasional Webkinz that
gets shoved in there. Again, suggestions are welcome.

Typically, P and G's bedroom floor looks like this...

...and this...

...oh, and this!

The Lego's are supposed to make their way into these each night.
I cannot take credit for this purchase. Garrett spotted them on an end cap (on clearance!)
during a trip to Meijers. Love them!

Overall, this bedroom has become a great space for our older two boys. The walk-in closet features an abundant amount of shelving; therefore, no dresser is needed (aka more room for the boys to play). In time, I would like to add a desk to the room and a comfy chair for reading. A low to the ground table is in the works for Lego building.

Do your eyes need a break from the bright colors of orange and green? Moving on to Ryder and Hudson's room...

Truthfully, there is not much going on in their room. Yet!
This was our third time painting this particular room; however,
the first time we painted it a true blue (can you believe that with all the boys
we have?). We replaced the ceiling fan at the request of my 6 year old
nephew. He was certain to call to my attention the missing blade
from the old fan (ahem, recall the four boys we are raising).

Here is what we are working favorite color
combo of brown and blue. Once again, we are seeing stripes
(and fun circles, too!).

How cute is this little guy?
My dad gave this to Hudson while
he was in the NICU. I would be lying if I did
not admit that I LOVE that he matches the crib bedding.

Ryder's toddler bed with coordinating bedding.
Our little dude's pillow is missing (after succumbing
to a vomit attack the other night). I am behind on
laundry. I am always behind on laundry.

Aunt Wesliee made this sweet pillow the day Hudson
was born. I am thinking I should purchase a plain
pillow for Ryder and have her embroider him
a pillow as well.

Finally, my grandma brought this charming little box
over the other day. Inside it held a sweet gift for Hudson
from one her friends.

Oh, my...this little piggy bank is too adorable!
Personally, as a tiara wearing alumni, I found the
crown to be a nice touch;)

Literally, we have nothing on the walls in R and H's room. My friend, Lelia, suggested I craft a banner for their room. It should be fairly easy to find some scrap goods or fabric to coordinate with R and H's bedding. I am also considering displaying some of my favorite photos of the boys on float wraps. Hmmm....

Now it is time to start working on getting our bed out of the living room.


Party of Five said...

Their rooms are GREAT! I love the decals in P and G's rooms! You are very talented with all your craftiness. When you're done there, can you come do my kids rooms? You'll get to play with pink a little... ;)

mustangkayla said...

Love the rooms! Maddy has the same cute stuffed puppy!

Stacy said...

love their rooms, so cute!!

jenney said...

Their rooms are sooo cute!! I love that it's all bright colors and happiness. And your little sings on the masonite turned out really cute! ;-)

For the shelves, how about a favorite snapshot or two or some small board books?


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