Monday, May 3, 2010

The Beginning

Early December 2001

After almost two and a half years of dating, Eric surprised me on a Sunday afternoon with a trip to a local jeweler. Upon entering the store, my heart began to race. Fast. Eric wanted to get a feel of what type of engagement ring and wedding band I would lust after. Was this really happening? That afternoon I let Eric know my heart's desires...a simple, modern ring, and white gold in color. I was downright elated as we left and certain we would be engaged. Soon!

Christmas morning I woke up with the notion that later in the day I would be a bride to be. I also woke up with pink eye. Pink eye aside, my thoughts turned to my beloved getting down on one knee and proposing to me. On Christmas. Oh, I was thrilled with what laid ahead.

Early Christmas morning, Eric and I exchanged gifts alone in my apartment. My Prince Charming gifted me a toilet seat, first. Yes, it coordinated with my bathroom decor; however, a toilet seat?! Next, I unwrapped a space heater. I was baffled by my beloveds choice of gifts. Where is the romance in a toilet seat? In a space heater? I was presented with another gift. This time I found myself unveiling a lock box. Finally, Eric bestowed upon me a gift certificate for a massage and a facial. Indeed a thoughtful and grand gesture; however, it is important to keep in mind he is the bad guy after the gifts of a toilet seat, a space heater, and lock box. Had our trip to the jeweler earlier in the month been a dream? Was I not about to become a bride? Together, Eric and I visited our families for the remainder of Christmas Day. As we reached each destination, we parted ways. Our family members could feel the tension between the two of us. I was heartbroken. Secretly, Eric shared with his mother his intent to propose. However, not on Christmas Day.

The following day, I headed to work. I poured my heart out to my fellow (female) co-workers. They comforted me and agreed that Eric's gifts were less than desirable. That evening I returned to my apartment to find Eric there. True to form, when I am upset, I said little. He insisted something was wrong. Yes, something was presented the love of your life (or so I thought) with a toilet seat, a space heater, and lock box (shhhh...we are forgetting about the gift certificate for the massage! Remember, he is the enemy!). Visibly upset, I said nothing.

Eric attempted to coax me and stated, "How are we supposed to spend the rest of our lives together if you won't talk to me?". I spewed back, "Sometimes I am not so sure we are going to!". Instantly, I regretted my words. Eric turned away from me and made his way out of my living room. Crap, what had I done? I was, without a doubt, certain he was going to leave. I heard him fumbling around in my kitchen and assumed he was gathering his belongings to leave. In reality, he was pulling an engagement ring from his lock box (what is with this guy and lock boxes?). A few minutes later, he returned to my living room. I sat on my bed/couch (hey, it is an apartment...remember!) and Eric dropped to one knee in front of me. What is going on here? He spoke the sweetest words to me (although I cannot recall them) that pr eluded the following...will you marry me? I responded (are you ready for this?), "You always have to prove me wrong. Don't you?!". Eric slipped a beautiful ring onto my left ring finger. To this day, I do not believe I ever said ''yes'' (honey, yes, I will marry you!). We hugged. We kissed. Eric clued me in that he had intended to ask my dad for my hand in marriage (awwww). He had planned (more than likely) to propose at an upcoming Bare Naked Ladies concert we were to attend. Geez, that would have been awesome! My bad...

Our tale of proposal will not make it's way into any fairy tale book. It is, though, a story of us. Most often, we bicker about nothing of importance. I am a planner, by nature, and always tend to be one step ahead. I am always thinking about what should come next. Eric is a planner as well; however, his process is a little more drawn out. It is detailed. More often than not, his plans are perfect.

Together, we spent the next seventeen months planning our wedding. On May 3, 2003 in front of God and 300 of our closet friends and family (we are blessed!) Eric and I were united in marriage. Our wedding day was beautiful and truly represented us. It was playful, yet sincere.


Happy Anniversary!

The last seven years have brought us four kiddos, smiles, tears of joy and sorrow, an abundant amount of craziness, and laughter. I can not imagine being in this journey without you by my side. I love you, always!

Your Crazy (and sometimes ungrateful) Wife


{the card family} said...

Such a sweet story :)

Shanna said...

Aww, Kelly! What a sweet story. I find that no proposal goes the way the girl 'thinks' it should...but with the end rewards, we wouldn't change it for the world. HAppy Seven year and many more to come! (Can you believe that time can go so fast??!!) Enjoy your lives and beautiful family! :)

Stacy said...

You were married the day after I gave birth to Anna! :-) Such a sweet story. I don't hear of many proposals going the way a bride to be thinks would be ultimately romantic. We have such high hopes of our guys don't we? Happy Anniversary!

cfoxes33 said...

Happy Anniversary! But did you ask him why the strange gifts?

Anonymous said...

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KariAnnS said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Not perfect yet totally perfect


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