Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Fart in The Wind

I would love for you to meet my sweet and sassy sister-in-law, Leslie (accompanied by my brother, Craig)...

I do not have a sister of my own; however, at this stage of my life Leslie is the closest lady I have to calling a sister in every way that counts. She is the mother to two of my handsome nephews and endures my brother, Craig. She understands me and I her. We laugh and cry together. She is ''Aunt Wesliee'' to my four boys. Her love for them is true and genuine. In my time of need she offers her help and not because she feels obligated to do so. Indeed, while I was on bed rest she insisted upon hosting Parker's 6th birthday at her home. She cooked, she cleaned, and she decorated. I was humbled by her thoughtfulness.

In the weeks leading up to Hudson's birth and following his birth, Leslie was a constant means of support. Our text messages were plentiful as I laid in the hospital. The day I was discharged following Hudson's birth was difficult. Any mother who has to leave her baby behind will tell you it is hard. That day I sent a message to Leslie stating this stinks. Leslie replied, before you know it this will all be a fart in the wind. Honestly, I laughed at her words as it was that or cry. I knew what she was saying to be true, but in the moment it was hard to find that truth.

The combined 11 days I spent in the hospital on three occasions...two stays prior to Hudson's birth and then for delivery...have passed.

Those 11 days I spent attempting to ''mother'' our three older children from a hospital bed...singing them their bedtime songs, packing Parker's lunch via phone, recalling when Spirit Day was without my calender, making doctor's appointments, and reassuring the boys that indeed Mommy would return home through tears (both theirs and mine) ...are fleeting moments in time.

Hudson's 10 day NICU stay getting poked, prodded, monitored, and primarily being looked after by someone other than his mommy is a memory.

The pink eye, upper respiratory infections, and ear infections that prevented our 3 older sons from meeting their baby brother during those said 10 days in NICU have passed.

The 7 days between my discharge and Hudson's discharge where I attempted to play Supermom...recovering from a c-section while doing laundry, tending to the needs of 3 children at home, making my way each day (sometimes twice) to be with Hudson in the NICU, cooking meals, lining up sitters for the kids, and wishing I could be in two places at once...are a memory.

The days of our children screaming when a grandparent/great-grandparent entered our house as it indicated mommy and/or daddy planned on departing are a thing of the past.

Hudson's two night stay at ST. V's Children's Hospital where he received IVIG treatment for low platelets thanks to his mommy (yes, I feel guilty) is behind us.

The weeks of blurred vision and intense headaches thanks to my over the top blood pressure are over.

Today, Hudson is 6 weeks old. Six weeks old. Really?! Together, with the help of dear family, friends, skilled medical staff, and an overwhelming amount of prayers, we survived.

My sweet sister-in-law was spot on. Those weeks truly have become just a fart in the wind...no matter how tacky that sounds!

We love you, Aunt Wesilee...you ROCK!

This little guy rocks, too!

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shelly said...

Oh my goodness---i just stumbled on your blog---your boys are too sweet! We have 3 (almost 10, 8 and 6)...I know the anguish of having to leave your baby in the hospital and I can say for sure, it is just a fart in the wind! (Love that saying!!!..and trust me, with 4 boys it couldn't be more appropriate!)


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