Monday, March 15, 2010

Hudson at Two Weeks Old...

*Weighs 6lb 5oz
*Wears size newborn diapers and clothes
*Loves his swing
*Enjoys being swaddled
*Is very alert
*Could pass for Garrett as an infant
*Has a Mommy that still cannot believe he is already here
*Has three little sets of eyes peering at him whenever he wakes up
*Likes his Soothie Paci
*Has really long fingers and feet, but tiny ears


mustangkayla said... so so sweet! Maddy liked those soothie pacis for a while. Did you know they sell them attached to little stuffed/bean bag animals? I had one attached to a horse for Maddy and it was great!

jenney said...

What a great picture! He's such a sweetie, Kelly. You did good, girl! =)


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