Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hudson's Birth Story

February 23, 2010...My Mom's due date with me 31 years later

On the morning of the 23rd I had a scheduled visit with my OB for a routine NST. At the last minute, Eric and I opted to take Garrett with us. The weeks proceeding Hudson's arrival had been crazy (to say the least) and Garrett was not coping very well. We thought a little one on one time with Mommy and Daddy would be beneficial. We dropped Parker off at school, dropped Ryder off at my grandparents, and then off we went. Eric dropped me off at the OB and then he and Garrett headed to McD's for breakfast and playtime. At this point, I always knew (in the back of my head) that being admitted following an appointment was an option. Truthfully, I really did not believe we would deliver on the 23rd. My OB was bound and determined to get me to 36 weeks.

I think it is a given my BP was up prior to my NST (178/117). My NST went well and we rechecked my significant change. My OB said she was going to admit me (again) for another 24 hr urine collection, observation, and labs. She suggested we try some BP medication for the next few weeks (you may remember MFM did not want to when I asked a few weeks prior as they did not want to mask the problem). I told her I thought it may be a good idea as whenever I got up to do anything (such as shower, potty, fix myself lunch) I got a headache, was seeing spots, blurred vision, etc. She then replied, "Considering the blurred vision, spots, and headaches we may very well deliver today.''. I agreed with her. At this point my body had had enough. The chance of a stroke or seizure was to high. I felt confident Hudson would be okay and was thankful for the two steroid injections I had received a few weeks prior.

I called Eric to come to the hospital (OB's office is right off the hospital) and informed him that I was being admitted and we may deliver today. We needed a game plan. From there things happened pretty quickly. Eric and Garrett arrived at my room, labs were drawn, and my IV was started. Garrett was an absolute gem. He quietly stayed out of the way and played Parker's Nintendo DS we had brought for him. My RN, Traci, let us know that should we deliver it would be a few hours. We would have to wait for my lab values to return, an anesthesiologist would have to be available, etc. With that Eric left to take Garrett home, grab the camera, and grab a hospital bag.

Approximately 15 minutes after Eric and Garrett left, my RN returned to give me a heads up that we would definitely be delivering that day.

Enter first round of phone calls to family...Hi, just wanted to let you know we will be meeting Hudson today!

Less than 5 minutes later my RN returned and said my c-section was set for 1pm. It was noon. My husband was still on his way home from the hospital and we live approximately 30 minutes away.

Enter second round of phone calls to family...Hi, it is me again. My c-section is set for 1pm. Yes, in one hour.

At this point my family is in a state of panic and feels...well, rushed. I am about to deliver Hudson in one hour and no one is at the hospital with me.

My RN enters for a third time (again, less than 5 minutes from the previous time) and says the c-section will be happening sooner than 1pm. My labs values had returned and my platelets were beginning to drop and my preeclampsia panel was less than desirable. In addition, the anesthesiologist was ready now. We were now at his mercy as we had interrupted his schedule. We needed to deliver now or wait until his next opening at 4pm. Considering my labs and increasing BP waiting was not an option.

Enter third round of phone calls to family...Hi, we are delivering now. Please do not worry. I am okay and all will be okay.

Later I learn my grandma began having a panic attack at this point. My mom is upset that no one is at the hospital to see me off as I deliver Hudson and undergo major surgery. As for me...I was calm. Really calm. I believe I hit mommy mode and was just wanting what was best for both Hudson and I. I knew my family would arrive in due time. I knew what to expect from my prior c-sections and was just going with the routine.

Quickly, I am signing all the necessary paperwork for the c-section. A nurse practitioner from the NICU comes to my room to brief me and let me know they are ready. I recognize her from both Parker and Ryder's deliveries and let her know such. I asked her to take good care of our baby. My RN enters to start my catheter. Literally, while she is inserting my cath I am on the phone with Parker's school secretary letting her know someone different will be picking him up from school. I was very much in control about the entire thing....just doing what needed to be done. I drank the bitter drink to keep you from puking during the section and it was game time. My RN apologized for sending Eric home and him not being there. I let her know these things happen and it would be alright. In an attempt to buy us a small amount of time she slowly pushed my bed down the hallway.

They were wheeling me down to the OR when Eric called to let me know he had just left. I told him he probably was not going to make it on time and that we were in the hallway on our way to the OR. He told me ''they have to wait'' and I let him know it was out of our hands at this point. I let him know I would be okay and asked for him to just get to the hospital safely. With that another RN asked for my phone as we had made it to the OR. My RN let me know that an additional RN (a sweet girl I went to high school with, actually) was waiting at the door for Eric...''surgery'' attire in hand and ready to go.

Upon getting up onto the operating table the anesthesiologist began going to work getting my spinal place. I have no idea what went wrong; however, it did not take the first time, the second time, or the third time. Finally, on the fourth time I was good to go. It is important to note that earlier I had been told this anesthesiologist was better than the one I had for Ryder (and had hoped for again). I plead the fifth;) Throughout the spinal process a really sweet resident and my OB's husband (who is in practice with her and would later assist during the section) talked me through the spinal. My OB's hubby kept rubbing my shoulder telling me everything would be okay. He was not sure what was preventing the spinal from taking, but that all would be okay. I whistled while they talked to distract myself.

My OB entered the room and asked if Eric was on his way. I let her know he was, but still a good 20 minutes away (according to my calculations and looking at the clock). She said there was still time for him to make it before Hudson arrived, but that she had to get started. I told her I understood and wished her good luck. She laughed and said it should be the other away around. I reminded her she was the one with the scalpel.

I felt nauseous shortly after they started and asked the anesthesiologist for something to help with that...quick zap through the IV and I felt good. About 5 minutes later an RN entered to let me know my mom had arrived at the hospital and said she loved me. The following day I learned my mom had asked if she could quickly enter to give me a kiss on the cheek. They were willing to let her if they had not already cut me, but they had. Briefly, I considered telling the RN to have my mom put on the surgery attire and have her be my ''one''. Then I remembered Eric would have the camera. If Eric arrived in time he would not be able to enter as there is only one person allowed in the OR with you. I told the RN to let my mom know I was okay and I would see her shortly.

A few minutes passed and Eric arrived. He was ready with camera in hand. He sat down beside my head and kissed me. Approximately one minute after Eric's arrival, Hudson Robert arrived at 12:51pm peeing all over. Eric proclaimed right away that he resembled Garrett. My OB congratulated us on another beautiful baby boy. Hudson scored well on his apgar and following a quick ''hello'' to mommy he was taken to the NICU accompanied by daddy.

It is worth noting that during our hospital stay with Hudson's delivery I had the same room as I had with Parker's delivery. In addition, Hudson had the exact same ''spot'' in the NICU as Parker. How ironic that the beginning and end of our birth experiences should share such a connection.

I am glad Eric arrived in time as he caught some pretty amazing photos...

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Recall that I mentioned he came out peeing...daddy caught it;)

WooHoo for crying...

Nice to meet you face to face little one...


Allyson said...

Oh man Kelly! I am sitting here reading this crying! lol Pregnancy hormones or something! I am so glad you had a group of people around you that you trusted and that seemed to genuinely care. And I am SO glad Eric made it just in time to be there for the birth and to capture those precious first photos! You are an amazing mommy and your lil guys are blessed to have you!

Sara said...

Yay for happy endings! *hugs* So glad that Eric made it in time. I know he would have been incredibly upset if he hadn't. Hope everyone stays out of that dang hospital for awhile now!

jenney said...

What an amazing story! I'm so glad Eric made it just in time and SOOO glad you and little Hudson are doing great. Hugs! And CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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