Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hudson's NICU Stay...

Warning...lots of photos

Day One...a few hours after he was born.
Hudson received Surfactant via a tube down his throat to help
his lungs. When combined with the two steroid injections
I had received a few weeks prior he was breathing
on his own after two days!

Day One...that evening Mommy discovers
Hudson has long fingers.

Daddy is in love...

Wires, IV's, and Oxygen Hoodies...Oh my!

Happy Birthday, Mammy!
She is blessed with quite the gift and is able to hold Hudson
for the first time. He is 5 days old.

We are making progress and Hudson has a feeding tube.

Big yawns...

Sweet kisses from Mommy...

Mommy and Hudson

Beautiful baby boy...

Love from daddy...

Finding just the right spot to rest...

Now that he can breathe on his own, Hudson
makes his way into a Isolette.
The cute pillow in the corner was made by Aunt Leslie.
Inside (and attached on the back side) this year's Christmas Card...
his older brothers were looking down on him.

Finally, we have graduated to an open-air crib...the
next day our sweet Hudson was discharged.


mustangkayla said...

Oh, what sweet sweet photos! TFS! He is absolutely precious! SSSOOOO adorable! I need to get on facebook and check up on how things are going! I hope you are all over the sickies and doing well!

jenney said...

You got some great photos of him in the NICU! So glad he's home now and doing great!!


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