Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Dear readers, bear with me as I have two more Christmas posts I wish to publish. I had wanted to get all of my Christmas posts done prior to Garrett's birthday; however, it just did not happen. I avoided them yesterday to give Garrett's Birthday it's own special time on my blog.

For the last few years we have been waiting until the week before Christmas to purchase a live tree for our living room. In doing so we have scored some AMAZING deals on GREAT trees. Prior to that the rest of our house is decorated (including three or four other trees depending on my mood/time/energy). Upon returning home on Christmas Eve, we decorated our new tree and prepared for Santa's arrival.

I was pretty surprised by how much Ryder actually helped
decorate the tree...he was so cute!

Garrett kept placing three to four ornaments on one branch. Once
the kiddos went to bed we spread them out.

Parker doing his part to decorate the tree...

Cookies and chocolate milk for Santa, carrots for the
reindeer, and cheese for Santa Mouse...say what,
you are not familiar with Santa Mouse? Neither was I.
Parker learned a new song in school about Santa Mouse and "if you
put out a piece of cheese for him...he just might be back next year".

Santa came...

Parker's filled stocking...each of our little guys
received a new Webkinz in their stocking.
Meet Mr. Foxy!

Garrett's stocking...Meet Kitty Cat!

Ryder's stocking...not sure what Ryder is calling this little guy;)

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