Thursday, December 31, 2009

27 Weeks Update

I feel guilty that I have not been documenting this pregnancy better. It is our last and after seeing the below survey on another blog I thought I would share as well.

How far along?
27 weeks (this pregnancy is FLYING busy with the other kiddos I sometimes forget I am pregnant until the end of the day when I want to fall apart from sheer exhaustion).

Total weight gain
: After last week's 5 pound loss, I am up 11 pounds for this pregnancy (I feel as big as a house, though).

Maternity clothes?
Most definitely...although I have been known to sport some normal clothes.

I am not sure what sleep is anymore. Please, someone tell me about it. Between the 19 month old who resides in our room and STILL doesn't sleep through the night (and wakes up at the crack of dawn...wait, earlier) and having to pee every 1.5 hours I do not sleep much.

Best moment this week: Garrett pulling my shirt down over my exposed belly. It made me chuckle!

Movement: He is a mover and a shaker...seems he will fit in nicely with our family;)

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: No, outside of Braxton Hick contractions.

Belly Button in or out
? Half in and half out. Odd!

What I miss : I will be honest. During the (sometimes) stressful Christmas season I could have used a drink (or two).

What I am looking forward to: Now with Christmas past us, I am looking forward to getting things ready for our little guy.

Weekly Wisdom:
Nap when you can. With Eric being off this past week, I have attempted to nap when the boys do as well. Some days it worked out and other days not so much:/

Milestones: We are 3 weeks away from the 30 week point. It's getting close, readers!!!!

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mustangkayla said...

Great survey! Glad things are going well (minus the sleep issue).


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