Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snowball Pops to Celebrate Garrett's 4th Birthday

On New Year's Eve, our family joined us to celebrate Garrett's 4th Birthday. I made Garrett's favorite...turkey subs for all, baked mac-n-cheese for the kiddos, and homemade veggie soup for the adults. While I tried to keep things simple and take it easy, I found myself making four different desserts as well. With a December 29th birthday (and plenty of Christmas decorations still on display) we had a Winter Wonderland theme...snowman, snowflakes, and penguins. These snowball pops (aka cake balls) were a HUGE hit with everyone!

When I started this display, I had no clue what direction
I was taking...turned out pretty cute:)

For the first time, Garrett did not cry or throw
himself to the ground when we sang to him.
He had quite the smirk on his face the entire time!

Making a wish...


Thank you to everyone who gathered to celebrate Garrett's 4th Birthday. Garrett enjoyed himself and is very thankful for all of his gifts. We love you, Baby G!


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