Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We hope all of you had a fabulous Halloween! The boys were stoked to go Trick-or-Treating (although, truth be told they did not need more candy after their classroom parties, treat from family members, etc). Halloween brought blustery winds to our area....brrrr! Needless to say if the kiddos look bulkier than usual they have on two-three layers under their costumes;)

My attempt at a group shot...Ryder is not impressed!

Meet Mr. Incredible and Our Motocross Star...

Yea, so have I told you Garrett has been working out;)
He was so full of life while out Trick-or-Treating. I can say
with certainty I did not see another child with so much
enthusiasm all night long.

Parker knew right away he wanted to be a dirt bike
rider and thought we were going to buy him a costume.
Dude, you have real gear to sport!
As an added bonus we did not have to buy him a costume...cha-ching!

Ryder...our little frog!
We lucked out and did not have to buy a costume for
him either. This is a hand me down for Parker. It is
very fitting since he has always been our little frog.
He got called a girl (and a beautiful one at that)
about fifteen times while out Trick-or-Treating.
He is awfully cute!


Lelia said...

So cute, Kelly! I love that you posed them in the leaves.

mustangkayla said...

Cute, cute, cute! Great photos! your boys are so darn cute!


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