Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mommy Knows Best

If you glance over at our gender poll you will see one lone vote cast for a baby boy. I, personally, casted that vote. My mommy instincts were spot on...we will welcome our fourth boy into our family in March 2010. It was pure delight to see our baby boy via ultrasound...he is absolutely perfect! While taking her measurements during the ultrasound, the tech exclaimed at one point "Look at those biceps!". Yes, at approximately 11 ounces our baby has biceps! Perhaps we are having another Garrett;)

While "Baby Yamaha" makes a cute nick name, we have decided on the name Hudson Robert for our newest addition. Hudson is name we liked while pregnant with Ryder; however, when Ryder was born he looked more like, well....a Ryder. In keeping with the tradition of using family names as middle names, Robert is for both of Eric's grandfathers. Let's hope Hudson is born with blonde hair. For some odd reason, I picture the name on a little blonde.


Sara said...

For some stupid reason, I wasn't getting updates on my feed for your blog, Kelly! Argh!

I love the name and I'll be rooting for blonde hair as well. You make such wonderful boys together that he'll be a beauty no matter what.

Congrats on another healthy boy! *hugs*

mustangkayla said...

Congrats! What an adorable name!

Party of Five said...

I love the name Hudson! And I too, picture a blonde little boy with muscles for days:D


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