Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkins, Cats, and Cute Little Boys...Oh, My!

Finally, this week we took the boys to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. We told each of the boys they could pick out a pumpkin for carving and a smaller pumpkin for their "friend" (Panda Wanda, Kitty-Kat, and Monkey...their Webkinz). Truthfully, all three boys were more interested in the cats running around. See below...

Jason's Pumpkin Patch is a local farm located just out of town.
Years ago, it was started by a teenager who wanted to earn money for college.
Currently, Jason is attending Ohio State:)

Ryder...Mommy's Mini Me!
I am fairly certain my parents and grandparents would agree this could
be a picture of me when I was younger...big eyes, crazy hair, grabbing a cat.
I LOVE this picture! He is getting to big, though:(

If I must I will choose a pumpkin.

Garrett (always the animal lover) put one of the cats in our
truck when it was time to leave. I promise one day
they will a cat/dog (or two). However, I know right now
I do not have the time/attention to devote to the needs of an animal.

Parker got in on the cat action as well. Yes, their little "friends" go
with them pretty much everywhere.

A rather annoyed Ryder...darn cat made his way up the tree!
It made for a funny picture, though;)

One day they will tell me I can no longer dress them alike.
Until then I will continue on with my matching obsession.

Ryder amongst pumpkins.
The pumpkin on his left (looking at the computer) Eric
and I purchased for ourselves. It is a tad bit ugly and we felt
the need to rescue it.

Parker and one of his pumpkins.

Garrett and one of his pumpkins.

Oh, how I love all of the "boys" in my life...even the little
one SCREAMING his head off (due to being taken away from the
cat, of course).

Happy Fall!!!!

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mustangkayla said...

Too funny about the cats! Love all the pictures! Your boys are ADORABLE!


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