Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Journey Ends...Another Begins

Currently, Parker is preparing for his graduation from Kersten Korner's Nursery School; however, Garrett's journey into the world of school is just beginning. This morning Garrett attended his introductory session at Kersten's with big brother by his side. Garrett was more than eager to head off to school this AM. I, on the other hand, was scared. My heart raced the entire three hours they were gone. Parker has always done really well at school, but add Garrett into the mix and I began to panic. Truthfully, I was worried if Kersten's could handle two Lindsay boys at one time;) Parker and Garrett fight at home. A lot. Would they fight at school?

Garrett is at a difficult phase right now. At age three he has proven to be far more difficult than he was at age two. He is opinionated, he is determined, and right now we are having a rather difficult time getting through to him. Have I mentioned he has picked up the word stupid? Right now stupid flows as freely from his lips as water does from a faucet. He has no clue what it means...he even uses it to describe himself from time to time. Obviously, I was worried he would use it at school as well. At times, I can be a tad bit forthcoming with information... I gave Miss Barb a heads up and she simply said, "Well, let's just hope we don't have a reason for him to use that word today." Okay, good luck! Fingers crossed!

Garrett did not appear to have any fear as I left him this morning. He had made his way into the director's office as a bag of Easter Eggs called out to him. Upon leaving I overheard Parker telling Garrett it was Circle Time. Then I heard Garrett telling the director to "look after" the Easter Eggs. The director had told me ahead of time they would let Parker lead Garrett throughout the day. As I left the parking lot I commented to my mom I felt like I owed Parker a drink when he got home. After all, there are plenty of days when I tend to Garrett I am certain I need a drink at the end of the day!

Please, do not get me wrong blog followers...I love my dear Garrett. He is animated, he is sweet, and is our number one helper among other things. Simply put...he is just a handful right now. We have been there with Parker and I am certain we will be there with Ryder!

When it was time to pick the boys up I found Parker waiting in line for the swings and Garrett playing with sidewalk chalk. The school was still standing, the teachers did not appear to be missing a handful of hair, and Garrett was sporting his same clothes (hello...potty accidents when we get caught up in what we are doing). I breathed a sigh of relief. Parker came running to me and Garrett did not. I am certain he would have stayed and played all day had I let him. Miss Debbie commented that while they look a lot alike their personalities could not be more opposite. Uh-huh! She also made it known Parker did an excellent job of sharing the In's and Out's of preschool with Garrett (later, Parker told me it is hard work being a dad!).

On the way home Garrett was more than excited to share what he had done at school...coloring, singing, playing with chalk, and having ice cream. I do not think he fully understands that he will not be going again until the fall. When I shared that Parker would be a different school come fall he turned his head to the side and shifted his eyes downward. Poor little guy...though they fight they also certainly love each other. I reminded him he would make new friends and suggested a trip through McDonald's. Then I got a smile!

Obviously, I grilled Parker about their morning. He made a few comments along the lines of...he kept getting up...the teacher had to ask him to sit down again...he got into the teacher's things...etc. Often, because of Garrett's size (he is now bigger than Parker) and due to his ability to keep up with Parker on most things we forget he is only 3. In addition, I have to remind myself that it takes time for all of us to learn something new. School is new to Garrett. He will learn. He will make new friends. Eventually, he will leave his little legacy at Kersten's just as Parker is doing. When the time comes for Garrett to graduate Ryder will begin his journey. Oh, the fun that lies ahead...stay tuned!

Garrett's First Piece of School Artwork


Whine and Cheese said...

Glad he enjoyed his day!! From your description Garret and Levi would get along SO well...or not at all!! lol Don't you just love three year olds???!?!!? *sigh*

Party of Five said...

Sounds like a wonderful day for sweet G! I wonder if he'll be bugging you for school everyday, like Wyatt does with me!;)

Sara said...

Awww! *sniffle* Glad it went well!


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