Monday, May 4, 2009

Project 365...Week of April 26th

Garrett no longer rides in the cart while grocery
shopping which tends to lead to surprises
in our grocery bags! His contribution
this week...Febreze Auto. Not one bottle, but two!
He insists they were a gift for daddy.

We will have two kiddos in school next fall...
filling out Garrett's forms to send in!

Parker's beloved Angel Bear (a gift from the hospital
when he had surgery) has been replaced by Panda Wanda
over the last few months. I am not sure how I feel about
that as he has toted Angel Bear around for years.
He has been generous and donated
Angel Bear to Ryder.

Spring is here! Spring is here!
Eric spends many evenings mowing the lawn.

Finally, we managed to plant the tree Parker
brought home from school for Earth Day. All three
of the boys got in on the planting action and Garrett
insists it will be covered in blueberries as it continues to grow.

Took the kiddos shoe shopping tonight...
all three needed a new pair. What a trip
that was...Parker and Garrett fought over
the only pair of size 10.5 Hot Wheels shoes.
Thankfully, they were all well behaved
during dinner out.

Little guy is sick and just wants to be held.
I think he knows tomorrow is our anniversary
and we are planning on escaping for lunch.
He got sick right before we left for our
overnight trip when it was my 30th birthday.
It's a conspiracy on his part;)

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