Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day at the Zoo

Happy Belated Mother's Day! I hope all of you Mom's out there had a fantastic day. For the past few years Eric and I have hosted a BBQ for all of the special Mom's in our lives; however, Eric had to work yesterday. My little guys and I had an enjoyable day together, though. We started our morning off at Mammy's house with a delicious breakfast. After a quick nap by Ryder (as in 10 minutes quick!) we headed out with Mammy, Aunt Leslie, Ashton, and Breydan to the Toledo Zoo. The weather turned out better than expected and the boys were fairly well behaved.

Ashton, Parker, and Garrett...until
this photo I did not realize how much taller Ashton
is than Parker (at a year older)

Parker checking out the ducks...
yes, with his dad's Yamaha hat on.
Lately, it has become a daily accessory
and is always on backwards.

My nephew, Breydan...
I love, love, LOVE his curls!!!
He always gives me some great smiles
when I pull my camera out!

Aunt Leslie and Garrett

Penguins...shortly after
this photo they put on a cute little show
marching in line

Ryder...he was so well behaved considering
how tired he was. The monkeys and penguins
really caught his eye.

My nephew, Ashton...he lost
his first tooth the night before!

Little guy stretching his legs

Garrett on the Carousel

Parker on the Carousel

Ryder on the Carousel...I cannot begin
to tell you how big his eyes were when
his horse was going up and down.

Ryder and Mammy


Sara said...

Great pics, Kelly! Happy day-after-Mommy's Day! :)

Whine and Cheese said...

Looks like a fun time!! Glad you had a good Mother's Day!!!

Leslie, Craig, Ashton and Breydan said...

Look at those boys!! I love them so much. They all look so big. I was just telling your mom that Ashton is growing through everything. And i definately didnt realize he has grown that much.... Yikes!!! Hopefully he will slow down so i can buy some school clothes!!!


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